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The WyrdSisters



Posted by jackiepope on September 2, 2017

Welcome to The Wyrdsisters

Over 40 years experience in tarot * I love bringing the ancient art of tarot into our amazing world.

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  two readings for $130.00

and you do not have to come together. Simply pay and book…. and you don’t have to book straight away, save it for later. Or be greedy – use the two readings for yourself! and for those who like their Video Messenger readings – Let’s do the same. $130 for two blocks of 60 minutes – split with a friend, or keep it to yourself. When payment is complete let me know which option you are paying for.

Internet Banking: 38 9015 0251225 00


To book your personal reading the best way to book is via email (as below), Facebook Messenger or Text 0278717877