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Time Travel

Posted by jackiepope on February 15, 2016

Wyrdsisters is 16 years old tomorrow – 16th February 2016, and there have been many memories.

So take a trip down memory lane with me:

Wyrdsister’s TIme Travel – St Kevins Arcade
The picture on my header is The first St Kevin’s Arcade shop after it was painted. There was an artist who hung around the arcade, and he did all the chalk board for the cafes. It was all very casual, and in cash of course. And he did not want to be paid all in one hit – as he said he would just go and drink it. So the shop front took a while to do – it was on his terms, and it was well worth it. This photo is not complete, there was lettering on the top and all sorts of detail, but I do not have a photo of it finished sadly.
He told wild stories while he painted. I am not sure what was true and what was false, and really it did not matter.
Another moment in St Kevins was a Beltane evening and we were having a ritual in Myers Park, and there was going to be a party in the shop afterwards; and it turned out that Alleluyah cafe was having a choir recital. Of course we worked out logistics and timing, and we promised not to be noisy until after the recital. What happened was magical….
About ten of use went down the stairs to Myers Park and we had the most awesome ritual in the oak trees, not realizing that guests at Alleluyah were watching us! The choir had arrived, and as we finished and came up the steps the choir stood around the stairwell and sang. You can imagine – we were all in cloaks, full medieval drag, swords and make up _ we had all been face painted… actually my boobs were painted with a pair of gorgeous red dragons, and if I recall I had waist length braided hair.
We disappeared into the shop for cake and ale, and listened to the choir. When they had finished their evening, ours began and it was quite a raunchy, earthy kind of party.
But that was what Karangahape Road was all about in those days – worlds collided – the conservative, beautiful angelic choir, and the down to earth druids and witches…. and it all worked perfectly.
I love Time Travel.