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Signs and Symbols

Posted by jackiepope on February 19, 2016

celtic cat druid

Good morning friends, clients and those yet to make up their minds.

It is Friday – no kidding! And so I thought I would start my little ‘vignettes’, I was going to video them, but I also thought that writing is so much easier for me (and of course it is all about me) and you can cut and paste the stuff if you want to keep it. I will be posting this on the website as well.

A short while ago a friend posted a praying mantis that had landed on her pillow, and I jokingly commented that this must be an omen because praying mantis females eat their mates after copulating. And she suggested I write something about signs and omens.

So here we go… Signs and Omens come into our lives to make sure we take notice of something in particular. A feather is in our pathway, a hawk flies over the car on a road trip, a butterfly lands on your shoulder, a dragonfly hovers around your head. These are all signs. They are signs that something is about to happen, about to change. And the simple act of acknowledging them opens our mind and heart to the concept that something is happening. We do not always need to know what is happening, just to be aware that it is happening. And to relax into it.

There are other signs that are more pointed. If you are thinking of travelling somewhere and suddenly everywhere you go there are advertisements and documentaries about that place, and suddenly there is a drop in air fares and accommodation at the time you want to go – this is a sign you should go.

Signs and omens come in all forms, and the art of recognizing them and interpreting them has been lost in the depths of time. But it is not a hard thing to train yourself to notice them, and to use them to your advantage.
The trick is to understand when something is just what it is, and not an omen or a sign. And when you first start doing this you think everything is a sign – well it isn’t and you will soon get into the flow of how omens and signs work for you – they are different for everyone. It is a matter of getting to know your personal energies and how the Goddess shows you the pathways.
You may have a personal symbol, perhaps a peace sign, the Ohm sign, and you see it appear in the oddest of places – that is the Goddess drawing your attention to that thing, there is something here for you – check it out. In the old days the gypsies carved or chalked symbols into trees and bridges, rocks to let other travellers know if this was a good place to stop, or whether they should move onwards.

Don’t look for signs, that is the killer; if you look you will over-think and over-analyse. Go about your daily business, and be observant. Being observant and looking are two totally different things of course. Observe, know your territory, know how you walk through your life, who is in it, what the landscape is like, what the energy is from day to day. Then when something is different – you will notice it. And that is a sign.

You might wake up one morning and find the sky is dark, and unusual and that can be an omen of something that is about to happen – odd skies are a sign of earthquakes, storms. To wake up and find the tyres of your car all flat – an omen that you should not go to work? Well if the next thing that happens is that you cannot get the tyres fixed until 4pm is definitely telling you not to go to work.

One thing happening is usually enough when you get into the groove, but there are times when we receive more than one ‘hit’. You walk to work and your heel breaks, you go home to change, and then spill coffee on your dress. Take note of those things.

You may have made some decisions in life and are travelling down a pathway and find that there are blocks at every turn, something stops you moving forward every single step you take. So stop for a moment and add up the signs, perhaps you are not meant to be going this way. It is like driving somewhere and coming across roadworks – you can go through them and it will be difficult and the road may be closed at the end of it; or you can take the detour and find that the journey is so much easier.
Now some of you will look at signs and omens in a different. This is my ‘take’ on signs, and of course there is so much more to it, and if you would like to learn more – let me know. These articles are short and to give you a little insight into my wyrd world.

Oh and by the way, everyone should have a symbol that represents them. Mine has always been the three celtic cats, also oak leaf and acorn. What is your symbol? If you don’t have one, why not create one – create a signature symbol. Having a personal symbol is a powerful thing.

If there are oak trees somewhere I go, I know it’s a good omen, a good sign. I’m sure you get the gist.