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Monday Muse 31st March 2014

Posted by jackiepope on March 31, 2014

Good morning friends, clients, workers & shirkers,

I actually know what I want to muse on! I have had it in my head for a few days now – how unusual is that! A muse usually happens the day before, or when I sit down to the keyboard…

This is an important muse to me. Let us be formal and entitle this muse…. Omens, Talismans, Messages and Signs.

I had a client a couple of weeks ago who had the most amazing reading, and she was rather blown away, and even more so when she called me a week later to say ‘OMG it has happened, and the price is good, and OMG you said it would’ even down to the fact that the people loved her garden, she was terrified someone would buy the house and not care for the garden. Excellent result all round. She emails this week in a blind panic, urgent reading – its all falling apart. Documents not signed, signed wrong etc etc. OH… this must be a sign that the deal is all wrong….. >I hear you all rustling … yes you get where I am going with this<. Then a screed of questions… if this isn’t right, when, how, why! I emailed her back immediately – this is simple. Someone made a mistake, the people want the house, the agent will sort it out. Calm down, and NOT EVERY EVENT IS A SIGN that something should not happen. Sometimes stuff just happens. It is not a sign or message from your particular God or Goddess it is simply that shite has occurred – which it does in this world, on a regular basis.

In the old days life was simple. You had a cow, a cottage, spouse, children. Life had a pattern to it, you knew what to expect and if there was a solar eclipse – yes that was dramatic, and however the Seers, Wizards and Druids interpreted it – it was the harbringer of good or evil. If an old woman pissed on your doorstep then you knew something horrific would happen, and usually the chickens or the cow died… coincidence? Maybe – but what I am saying is in the old days omens and signs were simple, with simple consequences. A black cat crossed your path, you caught the plague.

Nowadays life is not so simple, I am sure you will agree. We have so many things coming at us it is all too easy to misinterpret what is a sign and what is just life. My personal opinion is that the Godess (Gods) understand that this world is full of signs, omens and talismans; and so if they are going to warn us they will be as specific as they can. Case in point is my demise in 2010. Partner ended our relationship (let’s be brutal – he dumped me) on Valentine’s Day; 2 days later on my birthday he gave me a ticket back to New Zealand – now people THAT is a sign. I cashed the ticket in – it was a Tuesday, the next day I arrived at my shop to find it had flooded – THAT is a sign. For a whole year I stayed in Australia, and my life was littered with signs…. which I ignored; which got bigger and grittier; which I ignored. The floods of 2011 a year later – I had no choice. I had to come home. THAT people – is a sign.   And since I got home – life is good.

I quite often say to people when I do their reading ‘you will know, something will happen that will affirm this’ … ‘or you will receive a sign that shows you this is the right thing to do’. Now that does not mean you are going to receive a telegram (oops no telegrams these days) from the Goddess saying – go girl. Usually a confirmation or affirmation is in the form of things going smoothly; documents being signed; someone doing what they are supposed to do; a man calling you; and you can move down that pathway with confidence.

The danger with signs, omens and talismans is that we might miss something quite spectacular because we assume the sign says DANGER DANGER WARNING WILL ROBINSON, when it is just a shite day. Say for instance you get a hit on your Dating Profile, and his nickname is ‘Hammersmith’ and once you got stranded in Hammersmith on a cold, wet night. You might think – that is an omen not to go out with Hammersmith. What if Hammersmith is fantastic? He might not be, but you could go have coffee and see.

Talismans are favourites of mine. The most common is a feather; it is said if you find a feather in your pathway whatever you have been dealing with that day – the feather is an affirmative message. Finding a four leaf clover – that is a talisman; an unusual stone; a beautiful shell – take them for what they are – nature’s messages, it brings a smile, if you feel it is an affirmation then fantastic. But finding a huge spider in the bath is not a talisman to not go to Avondale for dinner….

I am reading this back to myself and I don’t think I am being clear… so let’s bring it back to basics.

Not everything that goes wrong is a sign to stop doing what you are doing.

A sign is usually quite precise – i.e. an airline ticket on your birthday!

A sign is turning up at the airport late because of traffic and the plane has been delayed … you are on time!

If something is not going smoothly do not assume that is a sign for it not to happen – it might just be life!

On a different note I have no personal appointments available until Friday. I do my internet readings as they come in – and am finding you are all loving your facebook and email readings, to that end I am dedicating two days a week to my Magical Internet World; a personal reading is fabulous but if you need an update or a question or two try email, facebook readings or skype.

In fact someone suggested I dedicate one day a week to Facebook readings – what do you think? Sort of Facebook Friday? I would be at my desk all day for $10.00 questions….. or for short skype sessions. I might even give it a trial with $7.00 questions this Friday.  And not just personal questions but spiritual stuff, whatever you want to know – what does a card mean? How do I see an aura?










Monday Muse March 24th 2014

Posted by jackiepope on March 24, 2014

Good morning friends, clients and those who are nearly ready to come over to the dark side…

I was wondering what I should muse about this morning; I did have a topic but decided it was just a bit whiney and cliche… in other words everyone has moaned about it recently so there is nothing new to say or add.. so I discarded that muse. I went to bed after a great evening with friends, we ‘dined in’ at the local roast shop and then wandered off for coffee and dessert. So having been fed well, partaken of good coffee and conversation with lots of laughter I fell asleep – instantly…. and woke up with my muse in my head.

The other day I was doing a reading for a client and trying to get a point across – she was asking which man should she choose? There were two in her life. Of course as a reader I cannot tell you who to pick, but we can explore what they are like, and their potential. I was not being very clear – so I said… the first man is like a $500 Guess handbag you purchased; you saved up for it, you drooled over it for months, you dashed back to the shop every week to see if it was still there; you paid for it; bought it home and now you are not sure. It doesn’t seem to go with anything, and it just is not as exciting and satisfying as you thought. But because you have spent $500 you don’t want to put it in the wardrobe with the other 13 handbags, you want to keep it around and use it for a while and hope that you change your mind, because you have invested a lot of time and energy into this bag.

The other bag is a Guess Knockoff; and not a good one. This is your $10 from Avondale markets knockoff, it looks good but when you get it home the zip is broken, but it has lots of pockets and cute gold coated plastic tag (it looks like metal though) and you know if you spend $20 and get the zip fixed it could last a while….. my lovely client totally understood the concept.

So I thought it might be fun for you to think about what kind of handbag you are. We are different handbags at different times in our lives; so what are you right now? or what have you been? I have always been a satchel type bag. Even as a schoolgirl I adored satchels; as a young woman in the ’70s ducking and diving in the UK my handbag of choice was a Biba Boutique satchel with a Union Jack, leather (always leather!) and I strutted down the Bristol High Street in black tights, black mini skirt and snakeskin platform boots with a snakeskin maxi coat with my satchel! When Elaine was a baby, I rescued a leather satchel from the Salvation Army store in Mangere, I could fit everything for an afternoon out with a leaky baby!

And so I am a satchel. Real leather – because I like to think I do keep things real (apart from the odd detour into the realms of fantasy…) and organic. Leather is so ancient, so basic, so practical. A satchel because it is simple with a couple of pockets and as it gets older the patina deepens, the leather softens, and if you give it a good polish with leather oil it can buff up nicely. I’m a colourful, modern satchel I think – although every now and then I dream of finding an original school satchel – memories are wonderful things.

So here is my challenge for you today – because I have a busy day ahead – and I need some entertainment (see it is all about me); and it might be thought provoking … but please not in  a ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ or ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ kind of way…. in a fun way.

The BEST handbag will win a prize… not a handbag.. but a free three months LEVEL 2 ($20 per month) subscription to ‘Wyrdsister Club’ that is launched today (loyalty spend starts today; first newsletter & specials on 30th March don’t miss out, you do not accumulate loyalty spend until you sign up)

Happy Handbags


ps… For Wyrdsister Club go to the posh, fabulous, amazing website (that I created) and click on the ‘Club’ tab.







March 17th Muse

Posted by jackiepope on March 22, 2014

Good morning friends, clients, wanderers, travelers and huggers………….

There you can see already where I am heading………….. let’s get straight into it… THE HUG!

Once upon a time long ago, the hug was something your aunt or grandma gave you at Christmas. Bringing you close into a pinny wrapped amble bosom, where you could not breath. It smelled of furniture wax (the kind that came in a tin), flour and a mild undertone of lavender or Lily of the Valley. The hug was something that came from the whiskey soaked uncle who asked on your 12th birthday ‘Don’t you want to hug your old uncle any more’… that would be a no. We have all endured hugs from those we should not have had to hug. For many reasons, both serious and not so serious.

I remember some of those hugs from my childhood, and now when someone encourages their child to ‘Give Jackie a Hug’… I look them in the eye and say “you d on’t have to, we can high 5”. I would hate a child in 20 years time writing about having to hug that odd woman Jackie that mum used to visit; she smelled of Chanel and chocolate, and there was the faintest whisp of champagne on her breath; the the velvet jacket would smother me……….. actually that does not sound half bad!

As you might gather – I am not a hugger. I do try to be enthusiastic when someone hugs me… no that’s a lie, I struggle. There are some people I can hug, they know who they are. I can go in for the full on, where have you been, so good to see you double wrap hug. That is a hug! But hugs… like the word ‘love’ have been over used.

We hug all the time. There are variations of ‘the hug’.

1. The Ponsonby Hug – a little like the Ponsonby air kiss on each cheek not touching. The Ponsonby hug is where you put your arms around, but do not touch the body, you gush about how good it is to see you darlink (actually lying through your teeth, you cannot wait to get away).

2. The Hug Voucher – Those horrid little coupons saying “This entitles you to one hug”. Really? Is your hug equal to a box of Roses choccies? A bottle of champers? a $1 scratch ticket? Hug vouchers are like gift vouchers that lie in the drawer and not used except hug vouchers don’t have an expiry date. Which they should! Ohhh look what’s in the drawer here – a hug voucher from Emmaline, I really must redeem it… oh dear its expired (sigh of relief).

3. The Spiritual Hello I am here Hug – ok this is tongue in cheek considering the work I do, and most clients I am happy to hug. But there is that spiritual bunny who arrives and wants a hug asap she gets in the door. There is a big sigh… and a plea for a hug – the big eyes, the hopeful look. You have to do it, how can you refuse? It is a Ponsonby Hug with light contact.

4. The Spiritual Exit Hug – again tongue in cheek, and reiterating most of you I adore to hug – because I have gotten to know you. This is a more intense hug, with quite a lot of emotion, and I do appreciate that I have just given you the best reading ever (hahahaha the only time I can blow my own trumpet with alacrity) and you are happy and…. want a hug. This is a hug that has its own energy depending on the client – its like getting your eyebrows waxed – you dread going in to do it – but you like the results.

5. The Male Professional Hug – men hate it. You know they all do it now. You see them in meetings doing the arm on the shoulder pulling towards each other while shaking hands. They don’t want to do it – you can see they don’t want to do it! Yet they do it! What happened to just good old shaking hands. Why this false energy of affection – you are just going into a meeting to tear each other to shreds, this is combat… come on people, the christians did not pat the lions before they went into the arena.

6. The Female Professional Hug – women love it. This is a weapon. This where women suss out other women’s weaknesses. Does she back off as I go in for the ‘Ponsonby Hug’; or does she come forward with the Male Professional hug? That shows confidence and challenge. Whilst engaged in the hug women can detect a lot – perfume status (chanel or Brittany Spears – says a lot about a woman!); the cloth of her clothes – is that Zambezi or Farmers?). This could be a whole other Monday |Muse…

7. The Friend Hug – your friends can hug you in all sorts of ways, shapes and forms because… well they are your mates…

The list goes on. I just feel the hug should be more important. Touch is such a sensitive sense… I feel it should be reserved for when one gets to know someone better. It is allowing someone into your personal space (Remember the Movie with Patrick Swazey? – Your Dance space, my Dance space? Dirty Dancing).

And remember there are some of us that are just not huggers, most of us belong to the ‘only children tribe’ who don’t share chocolate or their favourite toys and who were mauled by aunties and other powdered women, suffocated by tweet and bri nylon so our brains have been deprived of oxygen and our social area of the brain is damaged for eternity.

I do love you all, I just cannot hug… its not in my DNA…

But if you get a hug out of me…. frame it! There are very few where that comes from.

Please take this Muse in spirit it was intended………………….… Full Moon Madness and a little bit of humour.