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Monday Muse on Tuesday 29th April

Posted by jackiepope on April 29, 2014

Good morning friends, clients, adventurers and couch potatoes,

I was absolutely surprised on Sunday to have a candidate for our area turn up on the doorstep. He apologised that it was late Sunday afternoon but he wanted people to see his face, and to connect. I am well impressed! I did not have time to talk to him – but I shall be emailing him about my concerns. Because this year people… I’m getting political.

It is time we exercised our hard won right to vote, not just as people of this country but as women (yes I know men read this as well… go to the garden shed for a few moments). I have this sinking feeling that as women we are losing ground ever so slightly. The glass ceiling still exists in some corporate towers, equal pay if truth be told is a myth. I am not saying we have it bad, I am just saying that standards are slipping.

The question I have been asking the two political people I have talked to – and which I will email to this candidate is ‘what are you going to do to make life easier for small business owners?’ Those of us that sole trade, on our own or maybe a team of two and three? The paperwork, the tax, ACC, it is a minefield.  What happens if we get sick? It is no simple task getting the help you need, and if you are unwell and having to deal with the department, the stress is twofold. You all know where I am coming from.

Another thing of mine is children being fed. There are many schools of thought – parent’s responsibility etc etc. But if you take things back to the basics of civilisation – the tribe brings up the child. If one family does not have enough, then others feed that child. I love the idea of breakfast in schools, and for all it is a burden on teachers – I think that a volunteer system, or perhaps using some of the unemployed to man the kitchens we could feed all of those kids. If every child is fed, then each brain is nourished, and each brain will grow, expand and reach its potential. If we do not feed them, we will have a generation of undernourished, under performing children… but I am probably preaching to the converted and you all know exactly what I mean.

Let’s make some noise.

It may surprise some of you to know that back in the day I was asked to stand in Mangere; Elaine was 2 years old, and I ran the local community house. They were interesting times with Radio Pacific making an impact – I remember there was a major bread strike; all the bakers went out. No bread. Geoff Sinclair was a presenter on Radio Pacific and he has his Mother’s beer bread recipe and put it over the air. We all took to it like ducks to water – remembering this is the hippy ’70s and we all had vegie patches and fruit trees, took pottery classes….. I was once raided by Customs because I sold pottery from home… some stupid law.. yes…Customs had great power. Anyway I diverse (that is what musing is about) we all baked this bread; two, three and four weeks passed and suddenly it seemed that the bakeries had cut their own throats, we were all baking beer bread. It made a huge impact. I wish I still had the recipe.

Those were the days of Blerta, Came a Hot Friday and Smash Palace; Billy T was famous and we wondered who shot JR. And so I ran this community house and quite successfully I think. I loved my job, although someone else rather liked my job to, she coveted my job. She was a volunteer at the house, and really wanted to get her own self in there. This was my first lesson in politics and local council. The first thing she did was get her husband on the House committee; and suddenly I was being challenged on everything I did, and that Dizzy (not her real name) could do it better, or had better plans. Every meeting was a fight, and then one day something happened, I got this whiff of a set up. I got the Community House and something was not right. A cash box was on the table, I turned the pushchair around, walked home (no mobile phones) and called the police. I said I was not happy… something was amiss. The local constable knew me well, and came on over. He documented how the place was found etc etc. I tidied up. Put the cash box away, it had cash in it, the policeman verified the amount. And so the meeting was that evening. I turned up. And I was accused of stealing. Dizzy left her cash box by mistake and it was gone etc etc. I smiled sweetly, went to the cupboard, put the cashbox on the table. She counted the cash and said it was short. I got out the statement from the constable and handed it to the chairman. Who went very red. I realised they were all in on it… well most of them. Dizzy’s husband had power in the community. I stood up and please remember I was 26 years old… I told them in no uncertain terms what to do with their job. And walked out.

Someone heard about this, and approached me a few days later saying that my integrity was impressive. I replied integrity is just that, integrity – it is a given, nobody should be impressed. This man beamed from ear to ear and asked if I would be the candidate for their party for Mangere. Apparently I would be a colourful foil against Lange, I had some charisma (hmmm not so sure about that – just a bolshie chick) and he and his colleagues thought my age and experience in the Health system (where I had worked pre- Elaine), being a young Mum and the Community thing would be perfect. I thought about it. I went to see Lange speak, and I met him. I knew if I went up against him I would be chewed up and spat out; he was erudite, clever and intellectual. And with the No Nukes campaign, I could not win.  In fact I voted for him.

So I did not stand for Parliament. I did have a karmic moment with Dizzy though. I was approached a few weeks after the meeting by a high up council official, again who was concerned with Dizzy’s husband’s influence in the community. He offered me a job. It fitted in with Motherhood (I could take Elaine with me and not a full week), and it did appeal. My first task in this job was to attend the Community House Board meeting. This wonderful council person thought it might be fun not to tell the Board who was the newly appointed liaison officer for South Auckland Community Houses was….. and he came to the meeting as well, he wanted to be the fly on the wall.

I walked in – full corporate garb (left the hippy skirt at home with Elaine and Husband), smiled at Dizzy who asked what f*&^ did I think I was doing coming into the house. And Mr Council walked up and said – Let me introduce you to your new boss Dizzy; Jackie has the authority to override the committee, to make recommendations, in fact she has carte blanche. The phrase ‘the colour drained out of their face’ was apt.

I sat through the meeting, I was not happy that certain things had happened in the house, Dizzy and her husband seemed to have turned it into a business enterprise. At the end of the meeting I took Dizzy aside, and told her in no uncertain terms that if I did not have her resignation by 10am the next morning I would make sure her life was as much a living hell as she had made mine for all those months. I am happy to report that she did not resign; she thought and said to all and sundry what she thought of me.

I won. I am ashamed to say I did make her life a living hell. I wreaked such revenge, I look back now and really I could have been a little more graceful, a little more subtle. But then subtle is not how I do things; and hence another reason why I could never have stood for Parliament; plus a little incident that happened when I was 17…. when I was in my ‘anarchist’ period would not have gone down well.

Now that was a muse… and if you read it all the way through 10 points!

Please note I am having surgery on May 16th and will not be available for personal appointments for a fortnight, but facebook, email, skype and phone readings will be available.

I am available for personal readings up to 16th May, I will be working evening and weekends for your convenience.




(I need a little cartoon Druid in different guises)

Tuesday Monday Muse 22nd April 2014

Posted by jackiepope on April 22, 2014

Good morning friends, clients, and whoever else is reading this…


and I am surprised and humbled by how many of you actually do read what I write. I went to bed last night with 30 messages in my Message box saying ‘where is Monday Muse?’. I am ashamed to say I was lost in the first season of The Vikings; and then decided to rewatch Prison Break – I never really watched the first season – and now I understand why I did not get all of the nuances in the subsequent seasons. It is all there – lots of a’ha moments, and OMG’s that is why that happened. Then a helping of the Great Food Race – and dont you love Danny and Sarah. So surprised the other couples are so rabid that Danny & Sarah ‘lied’ about their financial status, if I recall the other couples have been less than honest themselves. And ohhh the sour grapes that Danny & Sarah had more money, hell they hitchhiked, they were pleasant and polite and people responded – its called Karma people, karma.

Then of course I had a side order of Masterchef NZ.  Loving the two pink girls – they have to win. Listen to me – television addict. If you did not know that about me by now then you never will. Yes, I am a screen freak – tv, table, pc and anything else my eyes can find. There is such a world out there.

So what shall I muse about? In light of the Food Race I was going to talk about bullying, unpleasantness and how we treat people – but that’s kind of been done to death – by me. I thought about musing on money – and then realised I don’t have any, but I have what I need in life.

Then last night Belinda Tuki posted a great piece on Facebook which I shared and I was going to give my take on that, but she said it so well.

So what does a Druid muse on after Easter, a religious rant would not go amiss. I could wax lyrical on the whole Ostara christian stole our festivals thing – but it has been done.

I did have a thought that I am not Christian, Easter means nothing to me; and probably is a useless festival to many. The I thought about Christmas, which is much the same for me. This country prides itself of being integrated and freedom of religion and speech. My thoughts are – and I am sure someone else has floated this idea before…. why not choose the holidays we want? When you sign your employment contract with a company you designate say 5 days that are of importance to you, be they religious or otherwise. And you can have those days off as your mandatory statutory holidays. You cannot change them once you have signed the contract.

Those of us who are not of the christian faith can take our own high days, and celebrate them with a day off. I would probably take April 30th, June 21st, December 21st, March 21st and my birthday and my daughter’s birthday – days that mean something in my life.

It would suit business and commerce, because there would not be the almight ‘shut down’; the holiday traffic madness would not be so intense; that mad rush to the supermarket to stock up (good grief people – the supermarket is only closed Friday and Sunday at easter!).

It would be easy to implement, it would show that we truly are a country that is democratic and that we practice religious freedom. Just a thought.

To end, I want to go back to the whole courtesy and chivalry thing, the rules of engagement, the simple rules that are put in place so that we can all live together in harmony. As a Druid we have what we call the Triads (no not Chinese opium dens and brothels) which are simple threefold pieces of wisdom. They are my passion…. because even today they are relevant. So here are some of my favourites. I think I have mused these before – but it does not hurt to give you a second helping…

Three things must be united before good can come of them: thinking well, speaking well, and acting well.

Three occasions for one to speak falsehood without excuse: to save the life of one who is innocent, to keep the peace among neighbours, and to preserve the Wise and their crafts. (this is my all time favourite and evokes great debates and discussions).

Three things never to bring one who has been your host: harm, contention, ill repute.

Three reasons for keeping silent: against saying the thing one ought not, against speaking in the way one ought not, and against speaking in the place one ought not.

Three reasons for speaking, come what may: for instruction against ignorance, counsel against strife, and truth against harmful falsehood.

There are three things which one should give freely to guests: gracious accommodation, friendly conversation, and insured safety.

Three things one who is prudent will not show: the bottom of their purse, the bottom of their knowledge , and the bottom of their heart.

The three foundations of friendship are: Respect and trust; understanding and forbearance, a loving heart and helpful hands.

Three things for a friend: let them be to you a second self, let not their misery estrange you from them, do for their memory what you would do if they yet lived.

The three foundations of Spirituality: Hearth as altar, work as worship, and service as sacrament.


Safe journeys



Monday Muse 14 April 2014 FULL MOON

Posted by jackiepope on April 14, 2014

Monday Muse on Full Moon………………..

Good morning clients, friends and those yet to make up their minds….. hurry up, you are missing out on something spectacular.

So yesterday I had a small moment of illumination and decided to ramp up the energy of Wyrdsisters. Wyrdsisters Alchemy has been an excellent energy this past 12 months; alchemy is transmutation, and that is exactly what Wyrdsisters has done; it has transmuted.

It is time for excitement, for positive energy, for vibes to go off the planet and through the roof. Sometimes we do get spiritually depleted in the mad, chaotic world of ours. Now let’s just womble over to Australia and 5 years ago – I had a radio show, it was on American radio… it was rather cool; I had to have a name for my show so I called it ‘Spiritual Gas – fill up your soul’. Of course a play on petrol station, filling up etc etc etc (yes I know, I do go on a bit… be patient). It did not last long. Why? you ask. Well the American spiritual public were not particularly enarmoured with my down to earth style; they tended to want it sugar coated and what they wanted to hear. It was very difficult to deal with people who would repeat the reading you gave to them back at you but with totally different connotations and emphasis. I soon realised that I was not what this particular audience wanted. When I listened to the other presenters on the show, I realised how totally different I was. The other presenters would pander and stroke the egos of the callers… well you get the picture.

So Spiritual Gas was not used for long, I even have a twitter account with that name (I must resurrect it) and so I thought about Wyrdsisters, and the next 12 months, the next turn of the wheel, the circuit of the sun, and on this Full Moon Day I want to dedicate Wyrdsisters to filling up your soul. I want you to be able to come to Facebook, the website, the app (yes the app was launched on google play this morning – look up Wyrdsisters – it will soon be on iphone), or personally to fill up your soul. To enjoy that magickal vibe, to find the knowledge you need, to have interesting and relevant readings, some fun – because this spiritual pathway is not meant to be mundane and a chore; our spiritual pathways are meant to help us grow, understand ourselves and the world around us, and to bring magick to our lives.

The Wyrdsisters pledge this 12 month is exactly that – to fill your soul with magic, knowledge, inspiration; and to do that in a way that is easy for you.

In light of that pledge… I must say that I have had some criticism lately from an array of people in the business (what’s new!) that I have become over the top with technology, that I am losing the essence of what tarot and spirituality is all about. It seems I should stay at my table with my deck of cards, and people should come in the door, put their cash down and have a reading.

As I tried to explain to two of these people (both professional readers) the world has changed. We need to change and adapt with it, we need to make our service available and easy to access. For instance Eftpos. I have it. Now these two readers say that having eftpos is a little tacky. The reason I got Eftpos was my daughter pointed out that nobody carries cash anymore; I also noticed that some clients were quite stressed when they came for their reading because they had to stop off at an ATM and get cash. So I got a machine. It has made a huge difference; not financially (I do not make extra money because of it) but I notice that clients are calmer when they arrive, not stressed. They can sit down and enjoy their reading without worrying. I love it!

The other criticism is my so called ‘blatant commercialism’ – I rather like that phrase…. I am blatantly commercial; it sounds like an affirmation. Yes I am. My biggest dream has been for Wyrdsisters to be the McDonalds of the spiritual world – and I have told you all this before. So that whenever you visit a Wyrdsister reader anywhere in the world you get the same energy, service, price and integrity.

Anyway I digress… the next criticism was technology .. how on earth can I read effectively over email and skype was the question put to me. Ummmm I am not sure; I just do it. For me skype is no different than a face to face reading; and email is well email – you get it all written down and can read at your leisure. Oh… and here is the biggest criticism – Facebook – how dare I do $10 questions over Facebook. Well I do dare, and you all love it.  And the last contestant in the ‘blatant commercialism’ contest is the one who totally went overboard when I showed him my new phone app. It just took the proverbial cake.

Now one of these people who criticized my way of doing business is on my Facebook friends list. She knows I am writing this, and I have promised she will be anonymous. The other dissenters have access to this page – as you know it is an open page – anyone can see it.

So I told these people that I was writing my muse on my way of doing business, and their particular criticisms and that I wanted them to check back and see what you have to say. They have agreed. Half of them are quite confident that you will agree with them; which is quite ridiculous because you wouldn’t be on my page if you didn’t like how I worked.
These readers and teachers feel I am not working within good spiritual practice and tarot should be kept in its purest form. My counter to this is that we need to change and adapt with the times.

I am going to ask you all to comment. And this is not to garner compliments – not at all. What I would like you to comment on is whether you feel that using technology is a positive or negative? Do you prefer the old fashioned cash on the table; personal visit, or do you like to have a choice? Do you feel that the energy of a reading is diminished or compromised when it is delivered via email or skype?


The TechoDruid

Tuesday Tune Up 8th April 2014

Posted by jackiepope on April 8, 2014

Good morning punters, clients, end users, users, vendees, consumers, patrons et al…..

I have discovered thesaurus online – I am toast… I will be hooked.. I already stand accused of using too many big words, being overly descriptive and decidedly old fashioned when it comes to grammar and spelling.

That is not what I am musing about today. Of course it is Tuesday, not Monday – did you miss me? Some people did, how flattering to have messages sent asking ‘where is Monday Muse’? I wait for it. Thank you, it is surprising to me that anyone actually reads it… but I am flattered and I thank you one and all for reading and sharing.

So why was there no Monday Muse? and in fact I should not be writing it now – I should be doing email readings! So let us begin with a conversation I had via email yesterday…. Jackie! How are you?… 3 emails cover the usual pleasantries that 30 seconds on the phone or facebook covers – but she is an acquaintance, and I do not like to be rude (stop laughing….). ‘You must love working from home, all that free time, shall I pop round for a cuppa? I have a few free moments.’ Now this person has done this before. Her perception of my ‘working at home’ is quite insane. I replied that yes, I love working from home; but no I was busy. Her reply ‘ohhhh come on you can spare a few minutes for a break’. So I emailed back….

Well no I cannot spare a few minutes, I have a list a mile long, people to see this morning and two personal readings, and two skype readings later this afternoon. Apologies but today is not a good dropping in day.

I got back the usual passive aggressive email, which ended saying – all work and no play makes jackie a very dull girl!

The interesting thing here is, this is not uncommon. 90% of you – friends and clients are amazing, you understand precisely what working from home is like, some of you do it yourselves. And whilst it is fabulous that you don’t have to share your bathroom with other staff members (and you can purchase good quality toilet paper – mind you when I worked in the corporate world I took my own); and you can make appointments and arrangements with some flexibility it is not all cups of tea, gingernuts and talking. Well not in my world. So I replied….

I am sorry I cannot have you round for tea and cakes (she always brings cake… always… the kind with fake cream…) today… and yes Jackie is a very dull girl, I know you don’t quite believe that I am not busy so here is my list for the day – it is a perpetual list because I never get through it and stuff is being added to it …

Email readings for A B C and D; NZWW horoscope columns x2 (that is 24 x 100 words); Sanctuary Cove horoscope column; clean car; clean house (no ally day this week ); purge cupboard (eee office cupboard); follow up kvisoft key with suppliers (in the USA -horrendous); put content on mobile app (yes I have an app); create affiliate readers site (new project); xcel spreadsheet budget for new financial year; tax since 2005 (thats gonna be fun); month planner for the wall; newsletter for April; backup computers; sort out Mum’s computer; write chapters for book; write e-book.

She has not replied. As I said most people understand that working for yourself is a whole different animal, and I want to thank all of you for supporting me by being clients and friends, and allowing me to do what I love, and earn a living. In the Druid Lore there are laws as to what a Druid is entitled to – and one of them is ‘his or her keep wherever she goes’. And in fact over the centuries that has not changed, in the old days I would have traveled around, dispensing Monday Muse wisdom at the fireplace, telling stories, reading futures and I would have been given a bed and food.  It would have been a fair exchange. Other Druids would have been healers, bards, teachers and the same for them all. Life has not changed much. I don’t travel from castle to castle, village to village, although I wish I could… and in Spring I might just be doing that; instead I visit you through the computer screen, or you visit my cave.

When it comes to ritual and workings, the wonderful thing is that here in New Zealand we can go and gather together in an oak grove, there are several in parks here in Auckland, and I know of many around the country; we have that freedom. We can gather under the stars without fear of retribution or attack. I know that sounds a wee bit dramatic, but some of us in the world cannot practice freely. Here in this land we can go down to the beach, climb a mountain, sit by a river in complete freedom. My favourite river is the Karangahake Gorge, but it has been spoiled by a brick public convenience that smells of Pine O Cleen… sigh.

So my life is not much different to my ancient counterpart. She lived her life differently and was accepted. I live mine differently and am accepted. We have different values, different customs, different thoughts about life and how it should be lived. I wonder what my ancient sister would think of this world I work, laugh and play in. I think she would like it. When I tried to imagine it I thought she might find it complicated… but in essence my life is no more complicated than hers…. she sits in a small cottage and cave, and people come to see their futures; she will sit at firesides and tell stories, she will deal out stone runes and handmade cards and tell a woman that her husband is true, and a young girl that love is coming. She will don a linen cloak (ok so mine is Italian satin and was a gift from a friend – it has its roots in an ancient Arthurian Order – I love it) and stand in an oak grove under a full moon exactly as I do. She will draw, perhaps write some words with a quill, and ink made from charcoal and spit whereas I write my notes on a plastic keyboard and save them to a cloud in the sky, when I write I use a Mont Blanc pen with eternal ink. She will eat what she has earned…. I will earn and then go to the Nosh marketplace and buy food. She will collect wood for her fire, and I will pay the power bill. She will dream, weave and spin in the evening whilst I crochet and watch Game of Thrones.

And I am sure she will have busy days, and when someone drops by unexpected for a dish of tea (that is what used to be called) she will silently look up to the goddess and let out a little sigh, but she would smile, and sit a while. Which is exactly what I did when my emailing acquaintance turned up anyway, because she felt I needed a break……………… and then she smiled and said…. ‘I needed some Jackie time’.

I love you all in the truest sense under the moon; I renew a promise I made to myself when I started this journey of working for myself to never take any friendship or client relationship for granted.

Enjoy Tuesday.