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Monday Muse 23rd June 2014

Posted by jackiepope on June 23, 2014

Monday Muse 23rd June 2014

Good morning movers, shakers and those just sitting on the couch

Many of you have said you enjoy my Muses – especially the more pithy, funny and witty ones (hmmm me? pithy, witty? some would not agree). And some of you have said – PUT IT IN A BOOK. I do have a book on the go, I have had to put it aside; my Druid Cat character with 9 lives, just lost the last one and I have 4 more adventures to go. A dilemma, and not one I can focus on right now. So the fantasy biography has been put aside.

I think I could pull off a book of musings. Not sure what to call  it… any bright ideas?
Anyway, over the next few weeks I shall write some musings on Monday that will go into the book. Start compiling it. You never know do you? When I have enough musings for an e-book, I will put one together.
So on this grey Auckland morning – my totally favourite kind of morning… what shall I muse? How about a hot, tropical island….
As some of you know, and some of you do not… I lived in Tonga for a year. Elaine was 9 years old; to be precise I lived on Vava’u, an island a little away from Tonga Tapu. You might wonder what on earth I was doing there – well my husband’s father had secured a contract to build 5 churches for the Mormons. I thought I would have an idyllic year swanning about. I was very wrong. I really had to get involved. My husband at the time was good at the building/planning/project management side but crap at dealing with people.

I found myself in a world where nothing was as it seemed. There were many interesting things…. so there will be a few Tongan musings.
When you live in a culture, immersed in it you have to learn quickly. This is their territory you are living in; you have to follow the code. First of all you have to understand and learn the code.

After a rather horrendous flight from Tonga Tapu, with a five toed white kitten in a cardboard box on my knee… (our contact in Tonga was a divine woman – very powerful, she knew the Queen, in fact the day before Elaine and I had been taken out on a Red Cross Fundraising picnic; it was idyllic. It was what I thought it would all be like, every day. Anyway… the Queen heard I was flying to Vava’u and asked me to take the kitten to her friend (who owned the hotel I was staying at). Of course I could not refuse. These white cats were precious, they were from a long line of white, 5 toed cats. There was never a variation… I am not sure how the Queen stopped these cats breeding with the ‘ordinary’ cats. For there were no 5 toed or white cats anywhere else. Go figure. I hear banjos.

So the flight was awful, I wanted to go home right then and there – by boat. I was informed the next cruise ship was not for 8 weeks. I was stranded. We arrived at the Paradise Hotel, and it was as I imagined. The room was beautiful; the cat was delivered, I was introduced to Jeanette and Carter who owned the hotel. Carter was pure Kentucky millionaire. He had purchased the hotel to keep his family out of the USA, there were kidnappings at the time, and this was his way of protecting his family. It was all rather surreal. He had built Jeanette a house on the hotel grounds – well right centre, front. When you walked into it – you were in America not on an island in the pacific. There was nothing ‘local’ about it. It was so mind blowing. Remember I was in my early 30’s…. this woman was a walking magazine cover. Move over Martha Stewart.

I digress. We were settled into the hotel room – which was an individual chalet, very cute. No sooner than we sat down, there was a knock on the door and Ken answered it. It was one of his new workers; the site foreman. Who informed us it was Mothers Day and he had bought us dinner to celebrate. And he handed over a plaited basket with lots of baskets in it. One was steaming hot and he said we should eat that first. Ken and Elaine were quick, and pleaded that they had just eaten. I was too slow, and the basket was put into my hands; and he sat down – to watch me eat this special Mothers Day Dish. It was turkey tails in coconut cream.

A turkey tail is that little nobbit of gristle and fat at the top of the turkey’s bum. I smiled, and chewed, and chewed and chewed. I had no water to wash it down. The young man was smiling, and I was making nom nom nom noises. And I could not get it down. I finally did. I had another one – but then smiled and said I would save the rest for tomorrow, that it was late and I was tired, but thank you.

He left. I wanted to throw them away, but we couldn’t. He had said his sister was a maid at the hotel – so we knew she would see. And that would be such an insult. So we packed it away in the fridge. The next day when Ken went out on site, he managed to create a ruse about digging a hole to see what the ground was like, and when no one was looking disposed of the turkey tails.

Elaine and Ken laughed about that for years. There were some wonderful culinary adventures in Tonga – such as German Donuts. Delicious donuts with cane sugar in the centre – all deep fried in coconut oil. Egg sandwiches… yes gorgeous.. off to the bakery at sunrise (because once the bread was gone they did not make any more until the next day) and fresh eggs from our chickens.

I made a lot of our own bread; I had a stove – when the power was on, but thankfully Girl Guide training had taught me to make a good meal on an open fire. I even cooked Elaine’s birthday cake in a biscuit tin over open flames. Come the apocalypse I will survive, as long as there are no turkeys.
If you enjoyed this, and you want to see more… let me know….


Ps Mr Sucky comes off Wednesday apparently! And today I did dressings, bloods, coffee in the park… and now have a short reading. Then nap time, email reads and a client later on. Things are getting back to normal. Yes I am taking it easy in between. Love you all.

Monday Muse 16 June 2014

Posted by jackiepope on June 16, 2014

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and those yet to decide;

It has been quite a week. I am beginning to feel human again, albeit with the infernal Mr Sucky slurping along at my side. However, good news today, he is doing his job. More good news – I drove to my appointment; I bought bread at the store; then I was totally tired out. A nap saw me ready for an afternoon clinic appointment, and by 4pm all I needed was tea and fruit toast. But a good day in all. Things are on the move.

So what to muse about? I am a bit at a loss. Nothing has upset me in any major shape or form; I have not discovered something amazing that I need to share and I have ignored the world at large. Perhaps one phenom0men I note with my Australia friends. There are a great many posts about Tony Abbott and the Government. There is a huge backlash against the government. I can see why, he does seem to have an unfortunate way with him; he always says the wrong thing at the wrong time and without empathy. And the policies are not in line with what Australians want. I rather like that you are so open about expressing your concerns. We do not see it so much here in New Zealand (or perhaps I do not get those news feeds). We have an election coming up, it would seem Facebook would be the ideal place to record our concerns, needs and wants in the next Government. Perhaps we should get a little more vocal on social media. Send a clear message to the Government. We get the Government we vote for. I know many people do not vote; we should. Firstly because it is a right that should be exercised; secondly it shows our children that is is where they can make a difference. We can send a very loud and clear message.

I would challenge everyone to attend at least one political meeting this run up to elections. And I challenge you to stand up and ask a question. I think I have mentioned my biggest pet peeve is working in a small, self employed business and having to do all the paperwork that the big boys have to do. Make it easier for small businesses to operate, and they will flourish and grown. So let’s make a noise about whatever you need from a Government.

I am looking out at a very grey evening, my favourite kind. The fairy lights on the cafe across the road are twinkling (we have new owners – I cannot wait to go and get coffee); and the French Antique shop have the chandeliers lit up and it looks so pretty. The heater is on and another batch of fruit toast is in the toaster; and there is some work to do on the computer. I think what I appreciate most this week is the semblance of routine even though it is punctuated with medical appointments. The list is stacking up, but all for a good outcome.

Wyrdsisters is evolving through this time, and within a couple of weeks there will be a new webpage of readers who have studied and worked with me in the past. They each have their own businesses, and their own style but they adhere to the Wyrdsisters ethos and prices. They will be affiliates. Not working for me, but affiliated to Wyrdsisters. Wyrdsisters is growing up. I am looking for affiliates in Bay of Plenty, Central North Island, Wellington and South Island; so if any readers are interested please let me know. has just reach 6 million hits, and that is really something. The Newsletter is out this week, and my apologies for it’s lateness. I now have an editor for the Newsletter and she has some wonderful ideas; and please those of you with memberships don’t forget to check your specials; and… remember you Air memberships – you get a free question each month. Yes, I am keeping track of your membership spends for your vouchers. So Wyrd Club will be growing and become even more exciting with Stacey on Board.

I have always shared knowledge; but this journey of late has shown me it is time to share Wyrdsisters, to allow other people who love what they do to contribute and strengthen Wyrdsisters. It is exciting.

As I have said I am getting better – much better. I am doing email readings as usual; Skype readings I will do in the evenings; and personal readings…. well I do not want to book up ahead in case a) I have a crap day and have to cancel or b) the medicos make an appointment for me; that would just inconvenience you. So for personal readings I am doing them ad hoc. I will list the days I am free on Facebook. Call or text  and if I am free and good to go – we can do it.

Thank you all for bearing with me through this rather interesting time… the one thing that has sustained me is I love reading for you all. It has absolutely helped me to be able to sit down, shuffle the cards and type out a reading – I lose myself in it.

Have a great week.




Monday Muse 9th June 2014

Posted by jackiepope on June 9, 2014

Good morning on the most perfect Auckland day – well for me anyway. I love these damp, grey days. Perfect.

I could muse on about the last week, and this whole journey with the medical system etc etc but I’m not going to. Its time to move forward; to get back to life and be normal. But what the hell is normal anyway – at least in terms of my life… a 60 year old woman, who writes horoscopes, reads tarot, worships the goddess and hold Oak trees in the highest regard… how is that normal? And I remember being told way back when… well not told but given a choice…. you can have a normal life; or you can have a life less ordinary – you choose. And I chose it. A life less ordinary. Sometimes it is extraordinarily hard; but on the other hand it is more often than not extraordinarily fabulous. I did ask the Goddess for a normal life when I was 50; and found myself in Australia at aged 52 living a somewhat ordinary existence and looked how that worked out! Having acknowledged to the Goddess that I have learned that lesson thank you she delivered me home safe and sound. Back to extraordinary.

I love extraordinary people; those who step out and just bloody do it. I admire those who take risks and are prepared to lose it all, and I admire those who are extraordinarily selfless. I love exploring new philosophies and new ways of thinking. I still wonder about a degree; there was a degree at Queensland University on Myth, Legend etc; and I should have done it – I could have; but I was in ordinary life mode; and ordinary people don’t study extraordinary stuff.

Extraordinary days like this… a grey sky, and a tree that thinks it should flower (plum tree) and is really trying hard; extraordinary food…. the best meal…. what is the most extraordinary meal you have had? Mine was in Tonga. We were living on Vava’u; and some friends who ran the local yacht charter invited us for dinner – it was to be a big ex pat get together; and on the island there were about 30 ex pats from NZ, Australia and Britain. So Off we (we – elaine, me and husband) went in the truck up the mountain… that was such a drive. Precarious; steep drop down both sides. But worth it. Our friends lived on the top, and views were spectacular. We arrived and Barry was an ex army chef. He had lobster curry, rice, fried doughnuts with caramel centres (a variation on the local German Donut), fresh baked bread and steak… mountains of steak. So we waited for all the others…. nobody came. Ailsa, his wife… said – Barry you did invite everyone else… and he suddenly realised he had forgotten. He invited us as he saw us first the day before… but then went off into catering mode. Ailsa got on the phone and within half an hour everyone arrived – you did not stay away when Barry cooked. He did not do it on this scale often but when he did – you came and ate. We ate watching the sun sink into the sea – with the elusive green flash, and we sang beatles songs (a big thing to do at ex pat parties) and all got horribly drunk and had to get our drivers to come up the mountain and drive us all home. We all had drivers. Their job was to be on 24 hour standby, sounds harsh – but they got paid double anyone else got paid… it was a good job to have. So if we were all together one person range their driver who rounded up all the others and come get us. It worked well – meant drivers could be with their families and not just sit around and wait. But the meal…. ohhhh

gorgeous steak with curry piled on top…. melt in your mouth, perfect – I will never forget. and those doughnuts, he made the caramel out of fresh cane sugar, I don’t know how he did it… but it was truly divine. That was my most extraordinary meal.

What was yours… share! please!

Let’s all commit to an extraordinary week. Do something extraordinary; eat something; experience something; put ordinary and mundane aside. A winter week with full moon and Friday 13th… what better time to step into the Twilight Zone!