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Monday Muse on Tuesday

Posted by jackiepope on October 28, 2014

Monday Muse on Tuesday…. I went to Armageddon yesterday and had the time of my life. I have been trying to get there since I got back from Australia. It was always a ‘must do’ on my list before I left. It has grown, morphed into something quite exceptional. I have decided to try and get Wyrdsisters into Armageddon for Labour Weekend next year – it sounds a long way off, but if I am going to do it properly I will need to start planning. How exciting, I need a new, big project. Now musing along similar lines people always ask me when I am going to open another shop. The idea excites me somewhat on one level, but at the same time I don’t want to be tied to a building, opening and closing times and all the organization of readers and product that goes along with it.

I am well aware there are very few shops like Wyrdsisters left; Dragonspace has gone (although Paula is still online); Sheela Na Gig is gone, I heard she was also online but cannot find her. But to me with spell bags, amulets, potions, incense and magickal things you have to be able to see, touch, smell and get a sense of what you want which can be tricky over the internet.

So I get that a shop is a fabulous thing. So on talking about this to a friend, she said… what about a pop-up shop? Maybe two or three times a year, find some premises that are not rented out, negotiate a cheap rent, put out the word and have the shop open for a few days. Now this idea I like! Of course I cannot do it this year, that is out of the question healthwise, but next year it could well be a possibility.

So what do you think? A Wyrdsisters Pop Up Shop with readers (so you can pop in and have a reading), and gorgeous, magickal things? It could be done in smaller towns, or even have a pop up shop at someone’s house one day/evening on a smaller scale. Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts… I must be getting better, I am getting excited about stuff!


blessings Jackie

Monday Muse October 20th

Posted by jackiepope on October 20, 2014

Monday Muse October whatever it is in whatever year it happens to be – I have lost my place!

I made a pledge that from Full Moon onwards I would not talk about the big C! And I don’t think I am breaking that pledge now… if I am… my apologies.

My muse was triggered off by the simple fact that this morning I did not even think, I wanted a cup of coffee and a cinnamon scone; and I got in the car, drove, got it and paid for it. I didn’t have to think! I didn’t scan my body to see how I felt, if I had the strength or if I felt well enough – I just got in the car and went. I got coffee, I got cinnamon scones, delivered back DVDs and then got totally carried away….

remembering that yesterday I filled my supermarket basket with total random stuff..

I stopped at the French Bakery and bought my first baquette in six months! I also could not resist the sweet sugar bun or the chocolate chip bun. I will never eat it all. I have gotten carried away with the absolute joy of choice!

When you visit the Oncology clinic they give you a pink form every time…. and it has on it do you feel energised, less energised, tired, more tired. And another question about quality of life is it better since treatment? Not better? Worse; and a couple of other questions. The there is a blank line to put how you feel… (same question, different way of saying it – typical hospital form) anyway I said I feel intermittent bouts of joy (because no chemo the next day woohoo) and so she wrote it. Because I don’t think the doctors read it, or take notice of it. And they don’t. The doctor put it on the desk and asked me how I felt…. so I pointed to the form – ‘intermittent bouts of joy’, she didn’t bat an eyelid… Now how do you really feel?

The point? I’m not sure, but why give us a form if they don’t read it? Oh and the discharge form from hospital the other week was so screwed that even I didn’t understand it and answered ‘no’ to everything. If they read the form they would have realised I was immobile, that I needed homecare; that I had no family; and that they did not read the valuables form to me; and that they had all my drugs; and that I was not mentally aware of what was going on. Nobody questioned the form.

The point? I have no idea, I started off the muse to say let us enjoy choice, no matter how small the choice it is a privilege – and sure I will not eat all of this stuff, I will have to share (and that is hard for an only child); but the joy of having my eftpos card (oh I am learning not to carry cash, I hated not having cash but this last six months all I have is money in the bank, no cash readings, I have to eftpos for coffee and cake!!!!!!!!!! I never would have eftposed for anything less than $20 in the past… but I can go out with just an atm card now) and being able to drive where I want (well my driving world is Dominion Road and back) and buy what I want. What is your intermittent bout of joy? What is the choice in life that makes you just squeal?

The other point… why all these pointless forms that nobody reads?

There is my muse. Thank you for the clients who have ordered your New Year Reading – there are still some left (there are limited numbers) and thank you to everyone who is in my life in whatever shape or form, you are all fabulous.