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Monday Muse on Tuesday 27th January 2015

Posted by jackiepope on January 27, 2015

Monday Muse on Tuesday

Good morning ladies, gentlemen and those yet to make up their minds

I am eating fruit toast, Burgens Fruit Loaf toasted to be precise. It’s how fruit toast should be, lots of currents and raisens, and sliced perfectly between toast and thin. Tip Top fruit loaf is insipid, you get maybe two to three raisens and it is far too thick, plus it has odd spices. Not satisfying at all.

That sort of introduces the muse gently. Things aren’t how they used to be! I promised myself when I was younger (in my twenties) that I would never say what the older folks would say – things are not the same… and here I am, saying it.
There are just certain things that are not right. The big things like Morning and Afternoon tea being taken out of contracts. I have had a moan about that once before, but it really has bothered me more than I realised. And the whole issue of equal pay… but I have covered that in previous muses.

So Tim Tams are smaller, or my mouth is bigger. I decided on a treat over the weekend, I haven’t had a Tim Tam since BC (Before Cancer for the uninitiated) and I was so looking forward to one with my coffee. One?! Not nearly enough satisfaction in one, I needed three to get the effect of one. So with the guilty pleasure of having three biscuits with my coffee, I had to have nine. And then my sugar went haywire, but that was helped along with a packet of chocolate raisens. Which are not what they used to be. The chocolate was almost plastic on the outside, and I did buy the good brand, none of your $2 a bag stuff; this was the ‘dipped in Cadbury Chocolate’ kind. The liquorice was not so hot either. So another treat crossed off my list.

Milkshakes, yes I had a huge nostalgia weekend, I was feeling quite sorry for myself, and I did not care what went in my mouth. And yes, I did feel better. So milkshakes, not thickshake, or frappacino, all I wanted was a chocolate milkshake. It tasted like milk, no chocolate. Disappointment. I did stop off at Maccers after the disappointment of the milkshake and got a chocolate frappacino – it was delicious.
So I guess I have to look for alternatives now. A frappacino instead of a milkshake; and something to replace Tim Tams, and chocolate raisens. I could keep sighing and thinking about how things used to be with 10c getting me to the movies and an ice cream at half time; drinking ‘spiders’ which are of course soft drink with a dollop of icecream for 10c. Being able to collect glass bottles and get 2c each, and have enough for another bottle of drink.

As I write this I think of my Mother, and her 80th birthday speech. She said she didn’t want to give a speech, but she had one all prepared when we insisted. It was interesting because she talked about seeing one of the first computers in Britain – it took up a whole room; it was to do the wages, and it was slower than the wages clerks; she used manual typewriters (and so did I for that matter) and now she uses an ipad; planes had propellers and now people go to the Moon. She has lived through a war, rationing and so much more. Politics really set her off, but the biggest scandal of her life was the abdication of the King, she still has not forgiven Wallace Simpson; ‘that woman was the downfall of the monarchy’. But I think about that speech, and really in my lifetime I have also gone from a manual typewriter to an ipad and PC; from a landline that was a party line shared with the neighbours to a smartphone; my phone measures how much I have walked, talked and probably would measure my urine if I asked it to – although I had enough of that in hospital. So much has been squeezed into such a short time. Even travelling has changed; you cannot visit some of the places that I went to. Politics and war has changed the world. Well everything has changed the world.

I also think of that promise I made myself, not to be like my Mother and complain about how things used to be, but to find things that are wonderful, delicious and fabulous right now. My weekend of nostalgia, whinging and whining to myself has done some good. I am now on the hunt for things to replace the things that are not what they used to be.

I will leave it to the younger women and men of my acquaintance to fight the battle of morning and afternoon tea, and equal pay. I don’t think burning my bra would be particularly impressive these days.
Have a wonderful week….


Monday Muse 19th January 2015 New Moon

Posted by jackiepope on January 19, 2015

Monday Muse 19th January 2014

Monday Muse Monday 19th January

Dear Sun Lover
I hate summer. There it is.
I find it extremely frustrating when people say – oh you must get out in the sun; a fabulous day to get out in the sun; how can you ignore such a glorious day?
Well quite easily actually. I am the quintessential vampire minus the teeth and eternal life component. I do not like the sun. I don’t like being out in it, the only time it is pretty is when it is setting. I would rather moon bathe than sun bathe.
Interesting that as a child and teenager I was out in the sun all the time. I baked my skin to a golden brown every summer; and with the salt water that I immersed myself in for hours and the baby oil I smeared all over my skin I was the perfect shade of chocolate brown. I adored the sun. I worshipped it, I could not get enough of it.
But I have always loved winter. I was more than happy to rug up in fur coats, long boots and maxi raincoats, and when I hit the UK I fell in love with snow, frost, mist and fog.
As the Druid thing emerged I realised I have higher levels of energy in winter, that I got more done; I was more creative, more focused and really summer was a hibernation. Because when I was in the sun – I didn’t actually do anything. I lolled about on the beach, frolicked a bit in the water (unless there was serious surfing to be done) and really didn’t achieve a great deal.
It was interesting to learn that we all have high and low times of energy; and that goes back to the whole pattern thing I was talking about the other week – the wheel turning birth, to growth, to aging, to death. The seasons for me were birth in Autumn, I start to come alive, the joy of waking up and detecting that first trace of Autumn chill one morning; the stirring of energy and excitement; the growth of ideas, energy building throughout winter with Samhain and Mid Winter being my favourite times of the year; I am in full flight; the waning of the winter moving into spring; I am still happy but I know I am getting ready for Summer, and when that first wave of heat and humidity hits I retreat into the cool depths of my home, and check the air conditioning works and I do what needs to be done. My creative energies are low; I work and I work with relish, I love what I do. But Winter is my time of joy, ultimate happiness.

In Summer you want me to go to the beach, and splash in the water; to sit under umbrellas with sunglasses blocking out the glare sipping wine and nibbling burnt chops from the BBQ; you would have me walk through parks and watch sticky children who are hot and tired and planning an escape from the confines of their pushchairs. You would have me walk or run in the middle of a hot day, sucking up mouthfuls of water from an H2go bottle refilled from the tap.

A perfect Summers day for me is inside. With the air con on; or windows wide open if there is a breeze; a pile of books, dvds and egg sandwiches (made with mayo). The perfect day is to work in the morning and disappear into the shadows of my room until the sun goes down, and then come out and see what the world has to offer.

Your idea of a perfect summer’s day is not mine. Most of you love summer, and I am every surprised (and bored) by the number of people who say to me that they cannot understand why I don’t like summer; because it is the best time of the year….

For you maybe… just as you cannot understand my allergy to summer, I cannot understand how people cannot love winter! The air is cool, breathable and the chill awakens your senses. You will find me dancing in puddles, walking without an umbrella and welcoming soft, misty mornings.
It is time for walks on wild, windy beaches; listening to the secrets of the wind, thinking, discovering, coming up with ideas, visions and seeing the world stripped back to its bare branches.

There is nothing like winter; sitting outside a café on a winter’s night with gas fires burning, and rain falling gently. In clothes that are real clothes – a baggy jumper, jeans, boots and a beanie.
Knowing that I can work with glee and joy, that I have all the energy in the world, and not being sapped by the sun; instead I am invigorated by the Moon.

I hate Summer.
You hate Winter.

Thank goodness we are opposite; it means we are in balance.
Someone has to celebrate the Sun, and someone has to celebrate the Moon.
It does not make us any the better as people; you are not superior because you worship the Sun; and I am no more divine because I worship the Moon.
We simply have different ways of being. It works. I will meet you in the park in Summer when the sun goes down; and you will meet me at a warm café in Winter around midday. It is a matter of adjusting our lives so that each of us is comfortable, so that we can continue our friendship, continue our interaction.

So please dear Sun Lover, no more telling me I should be out in the sun; that I need the rays; that this is the best time of the year. For you, it is. For me, it is not. In return I promise not to tell you in winter to get out and feel the rain on your skin or the wind in your hair.

We are different.

Thankfully wheel colour