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Monday Muse February 22 2015

Posted by jackiepope on February 23, 2015

Good morning to all of you who are up and about, I am up and about only just… I slept in. I feel very guilty about that. I am my own worst boss, I really do tell myself off.

Now the other week on Facebook a tarot reader published ’10 Things not to say to your Tarot Reader’. It was brilliant. It reminded me of an article I wrote for Insight Magazine Australia for over four years. I am not sure if it even exists anymore – I hope it does, it was a great publication.
I am reproducing it here; I have edited the piece because my personal circumstances were a different and so not relevant today. It caused quite a stir in Australia, and I lost several clients. Why? Because they accused me of writing about them specifically; which was not true at all! But they saw themselves in the article…. I think it says more about them than it does about me.  I wrote this in 2007 if I recall….

Ohhhhh… but right now re-reading this. OMG, what an arrogant shit I was! How could I have possibly have written this, and had the gall to have it published? What was I thinking? It shows a side of myself that I do not like at all, and I certainly would not write that today.

What it does show though is how under pressure I was; and that is something that we all experience in whatever we do these days. I remember quite clearly how I was sometimes in tears at the end of the day, not so much from the readings themselves but dealing with all these extra energies.

I am actually quite ashamed…. F*&^K. So I am sitting here thinking I should change my Monday Muse, hide this one. Put it at the bottom of the stack. But then that would go against the whole ethos of Monday Muse, and would make me a hypocrite.

I have never been afraid to show you my warts and all! Well ladies, gentlemen and those yet to make up their minds here it is in all its arrogant and condescending glory…
And I thank the Goddess that a very different woman sits at the keyboard now…


An open letter
Dear Client
I write this on behalf of teachers, readers and healers throughout this country (Australia) and perhaps the world. For I am sure we all experience this phenomena.
This is very confrontational, and it may upset some of you. But I am using my privilege of freedom of speech in this magazine to draw your attention to something that is all-pervading and a major issue for those of us who deliver a service of a spiritual or healing nature to you.
And that issue is, that you, dear client, seem to think that you are my only client, that when you call I should answer my telephone immediately, and that I should give you my total attention, and dispense the answer you are looking for immediately.
It does not matter that I am about to prepare my room for a client, or that I am trying to choose the best strawberries in the supermarket, or that I am mopping up the tears of a dear friend. When I say to you – “this is not a good moment, please call back” you respond with  “but it will only take a minute”. Unfortunately a minute of your time is 30 minutes in real time.
You question will be something like – “am I doing the right thing?”; “Should I go to this workshop or that event”; “Should I buy this tarot deck?”…. “I miss him, what should I do?”.

It needs to be said, to put in the arena of our spiritual world that teachers and readers are just that! We read and show you the roadmap of your life, the opportunities available and where different pathways will take you. Teachers teach you, the skills you need, the knowledge and wisdom you need. And healers heal what is wrong with you. But that is all we are here for.

We are not here to guide you through every step of your life.  Why would you need to have someone else validate your decision? I am no Queen or Empress to bestow my blessings and permission for you to carry on with a project. Or do you need someone to blame if it is not turning out quite how you expected?

Why do you call when you are driving, and are three hours away and expect a reading – because you happen to be passing through. You knew a week ago you would be coming through, why didn’t you book then? You are not my only client, and no I cannot just fit you in especially. You are not special. You have the same status as everyone else. Whoever books first, gets in first. You cannot jump the queue unless it is a dire emergency, it works like the medical system. Book your appointment but if something happens I can work an emergency time slot – but not just because you happen to be passing through.

Yes, dear client, I know you had a reading six months ago, and no I will not give you an update on the phone. Book another appointment, or an email reading. I don’t mind the odd question immediately after a reading, but not six months later.

And when you phone me, please say your name. I speak to hundreds of people, and I don’t recognize your voice. You are so hurt and slighted when I ask who is calling? And no, I don’t remember your reading. If you see me in the street don’t say “I know you from somewhere – where is it, tell me!” (this happened last week!) I do not have time to play games, I could have met you anywhere, you might have seen me in the magazine, heard me on radio or seen me on TV. I don’t want to waste 40 minutes playing guessing games with you, nor seem egotistical when I say ‘did you see me on the TV perhaps?”.

I am a reader, a teacher but dear client, I am also a woman who needs a moment or two to herself. In fact when you call me now you will get my voicemail because I shall listen to my messages twice a day and call you back. I am a woman  who likes his woman to have a quiet cup of coffee without it getting cold . I am a woman who likes to go learn things, do things and think about her own life issues (not that there are many). I am a woman just like you my dear client. How would you feel if I called you and asked what you thought of a deck I want to purchase at 7.30pm on Wednesday night when you are happily eating jelly belly jellybeans and watching America’s Next Top Model? Or if I call you and say I just want a minute of your time, and you are ready to meet a friend for lunch…… and while we are at it client of mine…

Please turn up on time. Coming in 20 minutes late and saying you had a phone call that had to be taken, and not apologizing for lateness will get you thrown out the door from now on. Don’t arrive too early – remember I like to have a break before you come, cleanse the room, and use the bathroom. Just come on time.
If you decide you don’t need a reading, don’t just ignore me – call me, text me, email me, I wont mind. It gives me a chance to schedule another reading, or just take an hour out for myself. Nothing worse than sitting at a table waiting for someone who isn’t coming, when I could have that coffee in the sun. Also if you don’t turn up without calling, I will worry that you have had an accident, or something dire.

Confirm you are coming is a great thing. Text me the day before and say you are looking forward to your reading! Now that would be awesome and thoughtful.
When you come to my workshop, don’t be “that person”. You know there is always someone who wants the limelight, or knows better. Be thoughtful of others, you are all there to learn – not just you. Let other people have an opinion, and be gracious enough to keep quiet if you do not agree.

Again arrive on time, not when everyone is at the stage of introducing themselves. Don’t hang around at the end of the workshop or session. It is 9.30pm at night and I need my bed, I don’t want to spend an hour hearing about your hike up Glastonbury Tor or your pilgrimage to the wailing wall.

I do appreciate your custom dear client, I really do. I feel I give you an excellent service, and that there is an equal exchange of energy.  In fact at times I have not charged you for an extra reading; and if I added up all the hours on the telephone you would be shocked. And not once have you offered some flowers, or a cake or a card to say you appreciate me taking those calls.

So dear client, I am your teacher, your healer, your reader. There is a boundary, there is a courtesy, there is a respect that is needed. Make my life a little easier. Give me some space, and think before you reach for the telephone – the answer is in the question, the answer is within yourself.

***** so there it is. Now if I was writing today… My Open Letter would read:

Dear Client
Thank you.

**** I am in my cave for most of the week. I do have a couple of personal reading spaces available on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Today I will be mostly off the grid as I have Email readings and Spiritual Gas readings to work on.
I will check back to see what wonderful comments you have written, and I hope this does not tarnish my reputation. But ohhh good grief, I still cannot believe what a cow I was!

Monday Muse February 16th 2015

Posted by jackiepope on February 16, 2015


Good morning fellow Aquarians, and everyone else,

It will be quite obvious by the wonderful wishes that have been posted it is my birthday. My 61st birthday to be precise. Yes, my Facebook age says 58; I am vain, I was not entirely happy turning 60 last year, but the wonderful party and love that came my way soon vanquished the fear of being 60. Now I am 61. I was asked yesterday how I felt about that by a friend who is 59. She wanted an honest answer, not something flippant. So I had to think about that and said that I would answer her in my Monday Muse.

How do I feel about being 61? I’m not sure I feel anything significant at all. I am more delighted that my business is 15 years old today. Wyrdsisters is 15 years old. Wow. Everyone knows the story of how it came into being; and I feel proud that I have managed to keep the business fresh, alive and relevant as the world changes. I guess that is how I feel about being 61. I think I am still fresh, alive and relevant. I mean I am a total techno druid; have every toy imaginable, and I have a tardis. I know I get grumpy and sometimes little things creep in where I think ‘OMG I sound like my mother’ and I immediately take my mouth off the accelerator and pull back.

So my friend, how do I feel about being 61? I really don’t feel anything at all, and I like that. I am timeless, Dr Who has taught me that. In fact I think people should live their lives according to the philosophy of Dr Who, it would be a much better world.

I thought this morning I would treat myself to a Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts; pulled into St Lukes to find everyone pouring out of St Lukes with sirens and fire announcements to clear the building. Got out of the carpark quick smart. I ended up with a less than fantastic bacon sandwich and coffee at a Dominion Rd Cafe. The price for what I got was horrendous… standards have slipped. You used to get a beautifully toasted bread sandwich with crispy bacon, edam cheese and hot sauce at this cafe. Hmmm Plastic cheese slices, pale bacon, no butter is not $12.00 worth. Not a good start to a birthday.

My 10am client did not turn up; but that’s ok, I watched Broadchurch (loving that programme) and put my feet up. Yes I have work to do, and a Monday Muse to write, but I thought I would take my time today.

So here I am at 11.09am, to be precise, and I am musing. My mind is quite blank in some ways, and yet little threads keep appearing and I discount them. The nostalgic thread has reared it’s ugly head – you know the kind… this time last year I was 60 and who would have thought I would have had cancer, surgery, chemo all in this year. Yeah, who would have thought it? But that’s over, I am beyond that so I don’t want to be nostalgic; and then there is the ‘get up and go’ thread where I could say all the things I want to do, and be inspired, motivated and create a bucket list. Which actually I do not believe in. I think bucket lists are idiocy. It puts a subtle pressure on you to get things done before you expire – one should never think about when one is to expire. Live your life as if it will never end. OMG a sentimental thread just sneaked it. Get rid of it!

The ‘I’m thankful and grateful’ thread has made an appearance, but I am grateful and thankful for everything, and if you start naming things and people you are grateful for and to, you always miss out someone or something important and upset people.

And the ‘rebel without a cause’ thread has occurred to me, but my birthday is not really the day to rip things to shreds that I am annoyed about. I am supposed to be calm, regal and serene. When I was younger (maybe 40ish) I imagined myself at 60 and I wrote it in my diary, I found it the other day – and here is what I wrote…

…At 60 I think I will be wearing camel coloured cardigan over a cotton blouse. It will be over a cotton bra and very sensible knickers. The cardy will be old, with buttons missing. There will be a baggy tartan skirt of indeterminate pattern. So faded you cannot tell if it is a McDonald or McMillan. I will wear beige support stockings and homeopathic shoes. My hair will be grey and tied back in a scraggly bun. I will still wear lipstick but it will be a bit smudged and very bright red and out of fashion. I will have on a straw gardening hat that has frayed. I will have a shopping trolley that I pull behind me.

And so I reply to that 40ish woman….

Dear Jackie

You are now just over 60; you are wearing black leggings from Design Pod, they have a fabulous ruched detail; you are wearing a black button through dress over the top, with cute pockets. Your bra is cotton – you need breathable fabrics, but it is well fitted, not particularly sexy but that is hard to achieve with one boob. Yes Jackie, you had cancer and they took away one of the girls, but you have not slithered into the mire just yet.

Your hair is grey, yes, but you have some coloured chalks in the drawer to colour it up into purple and blue; and yes you are going to grow it long, in fact you will probably never cut it again. You have Guess earrings in your ears, and silver rings; you wear a Fedora hat – just recently got used to wearing it, it is quite trendy. You are wearing one of your own design necklaces with peace signs and hearts. Yes Jackie you are still a hippy at heart.

You are wearing converse boots with hearts, and you have a pair of camouflage converse in the cupboard for best! No you do not wear support stockings at all. You do have a cardy you love to curl up in, but only on the days you watch Dr Who. You do not have a shopping trolley, you have a bag that says ‘Trust Me, I’m the Doctor’ that Elaine gave you for Christmas this year. You wear purple lipstick – all the rage.
You are doing ok for 60, well 61. And you have had quite a blast in the last 20 years. So here’s to another 20 years and let’s see what you look like then.

So there you are, Monday Muse is done for another week. I might bring the rebel out next week. Feeling a bit feisty at the moment about certain things…. Don’t forget Tarot Tuesday tomorrow.

To celebrate Wyrdsister’s 15th Birthday look out for the special I am brewing up this morning – it’s going to be BIG!

Monday Muse 9 th February 2015

Posted by jackiepope on February 9, 2015

Monday Muse – yes on time!

Good morning punters, geeks, geniuses, artists, artisans and…. Well everybody

What a fantastic morning. I woke up thinking I need to change my office, and the other part of me said – ‘get breakfast down your neck and get those readings done’.
So I sat down and had breakfast, but the pull to clear the office space was too much; I knew if I sat down and cast the circle it would be wobbly and timey wimey and I would not settle. So I did it. The kitchen is a shocking mess, my bed is a shocking mess, but my office space if perfect and it is all Tardis approved. I am now sitting here oblivious to the rest of the mess in the house. I am happy. I can do the rest later. Now I can sit and do my readings.

I guess the message there is that sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. And I also had to remind myself that if I was back in the corporate world my desk would be ordered and tidy, because you have to work tidy. I was becoming a bit of a slovenly worker! So I am back to Corporate Druid mode. Tidy desk, tidy mind, lists, timetables and OMG I am becoming ‘me’ again.

Now in all my muses there is one thing I have not touched on and that is Death. Always a bit of an edgy subject. So let’s talk about it. Well talk about mine, more to the point my funeral. No this is not morbid, this is life. And with recent events I had to think about it. And I wonder if you have thought about it. How do you want to go out? I know how I want to go; unfortunately it will never happen.

My funeral would be my body dressed in my best clothes, clutching bluebells (or white roses), laid out in a beautifully carved wooden boat (celtic knots and the like), everyone standing at the sea edge watching the boat go out to sea; 20 archers on a cliff above and just as the sun sets they shoot flaming arrows into the boat and the boat burns within seconds and sinks beneath the waves. Everyone goes off to the nearest pub and celebrates with champagne, Guinness and bacon sandwiches.

Can you imagine the reality; everyone gathered on the beach; the boat is a wooden rowing boat (not carved because who can find a celtic carver these days?); in fact it is probably an old boat from the dump. Someone will have painted my name on the side, and perhaps a few celtic designs, nice touch. I am wearing my best clothes, no bluebells, wrong time of year, but I do have fake white roses. The boat is doused in petrol because it is raining, there is one archer who is charging an exorbitant amount; the boat slips out on the tide, everyone is singing Bye Bye American Pie (favourite song) and the archer fires one firey arrow, and misses. Someone in the crowd mentions that the ranger is coming, and so someone finds a lighter and tosses it into the boat. It explodes.  Everyone scarpers.

The newspapers the next morning all carry the story of the exploded boat at the beach, and the pieces of body found washed up on the shore; and speculating if this is a drug deal gone horribly wrong. But the white roses are a mystery.

OK so in reality, I have ordered online a cardboard coffin the shape of a tardis; and you can come visit me at the funeral home – please Elaine Towers​ make sure it is a very Gothic, spooky sort of funeral home. My cellphone will be in the coffin in case I am not really dead and wake up in the middle of the night; I read Edgar Allan Poe! I know about people who are nailed into their coffins and wake up trapped. Mind you it’s a cardboard coffin; but I like the idea of a cell phone in there. You can all call and leave messages. How cool. Imagine in years to come when an archeologist digs me up and deciphers the messages. Oh yes, let’s do that!

When I am cast into the fire (again! These past lives seem to repeat themselves) the ashes will be sparkles and glitter. Once I am charred and crispy, you are all invited to the pub for Guinness, champagne and bacon sandwiches.

I suppose you are thinking that I must be on something this morning. I don’t think so, my cornflakes tasted ok, the coffee was strong. It is just that I have kept  hidden my rather warped imagination, and I think it is an aspect of me that you might like to get to know….
Have a fabulous week…. And if you dare, share your funeral with me.