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Monday Muse March 30 2015

Posted by jackiepope on March 30, 2015

MONDAY MUSE 30th March 2015

Good morning  Gods and Goddess’

I have started this column three times….
One to discuss where we live, our countries, our loyalties and how we should love where we live; and then I deleted it, it sounded too patronizing…

One to talk about the Gods and Goddess’, I am in the thrall of The Vikings at the moment, and it just seemed trivial.

One to talk about Easter, but Easter and I are not getting along at the moment.
So what does one Monday Muse on?
I passed my altar – **brainwave**, I took a photograph of it… here it is.

This is my altar.
Do you have one? I would love to see photographs today of your altars, inside ones and outdoor ones; or a special sacred place that you have – if you are happy to share of course.

I have always had an altar, although sometimes people did not ‘see’ it. When muggles were about and I could not always be as out there as I wanted, my altar would be disguised somewhat but still carried earth, air, fire and water, and I would change it for the seasons. Flowers, candles and the like.
The last few years of course I have been able to have my altar out in full sight, and not hide its meaning. That may surprise you but when I was in my 20s and 30s I had to be a little careful about what I revealed about myself. Many a time I have been ridiculed, criticised and judged. But that is past, we are now in times when I can stand up and be who I am.

So on my altar there are special pieces of paper with messages, invitation to a wedding, blue glass – a love of mine and sacred to me; candles, a beautiful picture my daughter did for me, my hand in wax, and a piece of art from a friend. I light my incense and candles each morning, and it brings a sense of ‘the day is now begun’.
During the day all sorts of things may appear on the altar – notes; crystals, bits and pieces that need some energy, some clearing or simply need some focus in that moment. At night I clear all the bits off it, and snuff out the candle and incense.. the day is done.

If you don’t have one , try creating one – a window sill, a table, a shelf, any small space or large space. A corner of your garden on a rock, or by a pool. Candles, incense, flowers, photographs of those you love, crystals, anything at all that is special to you, and that needs your focus at the moment.
I cannot explain why having an altar makes a difference. It just does. It is perhaps the only space in the world that is entirely mine, that nobody else can touch, change or arrange. It is a place where I know that if I put something on there – such as a photograph of a person, or light a candle for someone, that my magic, and my energy is right there for them. No matter what I do during the day – a piece of me is there.

So please – think about an altar. Something simple, or something complex… it is you, it reflects and holds your energy.

What else does one muse about on a Monday – Ohhh Full Moon – April 4th! Now we had an amazing shift of energy on Autumn Equinox and some of us are still going through the roof energywise. I know I am! Lots of changes of lifestyles going on amongst friends. People recognizing that 9 – 5 is not the way they want to live, and that there are alternatives. You can have a modern, exciting and abundant life without having to graft away in ivory towers or factory floors to do it.

And you know the key to that is do what you love. If you love it – it’s not a job. The interesting thing being that when you do what you love, and live how you wish the need for ‘treats and rewards’ goes out the window. In my corporate days  I spend so much money making myself happy.

It was quite a shock when I started Wyrdsisters to find that I had so much fun every day that I was not buying magazines or trinkets, food. After the first couple of weeks I realised that life outside the traditional working world was cheaper, and I did an exercise and added up what I spent in a ‘corporate week’ on ‘rewards’, aside from the household budget.

It was startling. Each day I would have four coffees (back then $3.00 each); a muffin in the morning, cake in the afternoon ($6.00), I would take sandwiches but more often than not needed something ‘nice’ another $10.00. Magazines – at least one a day at $4.00 each roughly; once or twice a week a trinket, something cute I saw in a shop – say $30.00.

Once I was out in the ‘other’ world – I realised I was so engrossed and happy in what I was doing – the first week  I did not purchase one magazine, one treat, coffee was cut down to two a day, and the food – well sometimes I was so happy and into what I was doing – I forgot to eat.

After a couple a month I also realised I did not need to purchase specific clothes for the office; what I wore at Wyrdsisters was a little off the wall, but it was what I wore every day in the outside world, so I only needed one wardrobe. I did not need screeds of make up; although I am a make up gal – every day at least lipstick, and it is still my one failing… I cannot resist a new lippy. If I have the blues, a lipstick always cheers me up. But I found I did not need that extra layer at lunch time, where the air con had done its work.

I encourage anyone who is looking to go out into the world and break the 9 – 5 habit to do so, immediately! Sure you do not have holiday pay, and sick leave. But I have learned this last year that even at my worst time, I survived, I worked from home, I could do the work in my own time. I came across women who were so unwell but had to go to work, their sick leave had run out, and they were tied to the system. It was this last year that has shown me that all those years ago I made the right decision. And holiday? Well I have one every day.




Yes, it is upside down, no matter what I do – this is how it turns out… I give up – an upside down altar.

Monday Muse 23rd March 2015

Posted by jackiepope on March 23, 2015

Monday Muse 23rd March 2015

Good morning those who love this time of year,

I have been bouncing around the universe… creating wonderful treasures, and there are still three in my head and all the beads are ready – including… lapis hearts set on lapis beads…. Woohooo.

I love beading, it is something I do purely for the pleasure of it, and if a necklace sells – fantastic, if not, that is ok. It is the process of colour, texture, magic, and seeing it all come together; and the best part is when you see someone wearing one! I was out and about the other day and saw one of my goddess rosaries being worn, and I did not know the woman. Nosy me, went up and asked where she got it, and she said her friend had given it to her for her birthday and she wore it every day. No, I didn’t tell her I made it. I told it was beautiful, she smiled. No more need be said.

So what to muse on when one is in such a mood? When those bubbles of sheer wooohoooness are in your stomach, and you are like a glass of champers? Oh… the hardest thing is I cannot get in the car and go get lots of yummy things to eat – which is what I would normally do when I am in this mood – perhaps that is a good thing. I did indulge in Gluten Free caramel popcorn yesterday, but gluten free does not means sugar free does it? Quite a sugar rush, and perhaps the Vanilla Dr Pepper did not help, but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so worth it.

And perhaps that is the muse. We are in this world where we are told don’t do this, and don’t to that. We have to weigh up every day decisions ‘for our own good’. Measuring out time and money to make sure we are getting value. And we spend time and money because we are ‘worth it’. We deserve it. Who says? Who judges we are worth it? And who judges we are not worth it? Why do we have to reward ourselves with ‘stuff’ because we ‘deserve’ it? You know those adverts… you work hard all day, the kids, the office, the whirly bird world we live in – and you deserve a reward for all of that. I kind of thought the reward was that you are intrinsically happy, that there is the personal satisfaction of a life well led, a life to celebrate. The reward is that the life you are creating is happening, and is that not enough in itself?

I am not saying do not buy things for yourself, or indulge yourself. Far from it; I am the most dedicated shopper, indulger and hedonistic creature you could meet. But I am honest about it. Yesterday I indulged in caramel popcorn, Dr Pepper, and vintage cheese potato chips because I felt like it! Not to reward myself, not because I am worth it, but I felt like it. In fact I was in the dairy with my daughter when I spied the Dr Pepper and let caution and diabetes 2 go to the wind and literally said ‘f*&^ it, I’m having some of that’. I did, and it was good. And on the second day my blood sugar is not as wild as I thought it might be – it was worth it. Not that I was worth it; not that I deserved it for any particular reason but the experience was worth it.

Does that make sense? I am probably not being totally coherent in getting my point across, apparently the anaesthesia can take a few weeks to wear off.
In my case the anaesthesia seems to have accessed places in my mind I have not visited in a while and creative ideas are sprouting everywhere. And yes something is brewing here at Wyrdsisters, I will give out little spoonsful as it comes closer. REVEAL will be July, and LAUNCH will be August.
This is probably the biggest thing since I first opened Wyrdsisters – yes, it is THAT BIG.

So let’s live the week doing what we want, simply because we want to, not because we have to justify it by saying we are worth it, or that we deserve it. The simple fact is that if you can have it, then do so, for no other reason than you can.

Oh, and my pet peeve at the moment is vision boards. Can we please change that to ACTION boards; VISION board is something you look at and wish you could have; an ACTION board is something you can plan and work towards.
I know what is on my ACTION board, what is on yours…?

Monday Muse March 2nd 2015

Posted by jackiepope on March 2, 2015


Good morning friends, relatives, clients and those who float in the ether

Would it surprise you to know that I am quite the conspiracy theorist? No, I didn’t think so. Really I should be sitting at a computer, googling everything, subscribing to underground magazines, and sitting on message boards commenting on other people’s theories….

Ummm it would seem I do that already.

I think there is a place for us (cue music Barbara Streisand), for all we are ridiculed and pointed at, and people roll their eyes when you mention that Elvis is still alive (not one conspiracy I ascribe to) or that HAARP is affecting our climate (that one I do ascribe to). Where would the world be without conspiracy theorists or simply without people who question? It is those very people that cause you to think. You may read a Monsanto thread on Facebook; you pause, you reflect and move on. But that clip is in your brain, it sits in there in the corner and suddenly one day you see something else, and it clicks. And then it does not all seem quite fantastical.

I must add here that is one reason I do like Facebook, for all it is crazy and there are all sorts of reasons not to like it, it can bring up issues that people would not ordinarily be exposed to. And if a conspiracy theory causes one person to think about something a little more deeply, or if it opens someone’s mind to different possibilities, then it has done the job.

There are large conspiracies and small ones. I rather like the American ones, and the wrestler turned Mayor who is exploring and challenging some of these large remote facilities in America and asking the hard questions – what are they for?

My genre tends to be second world war conspiracy theories, there is such a plethora of information out there that suggests all sorts of things. Why certain battles were lost, and why others were won (when they should have been lost). The whole Hitler in the Bunker and what happened to all the art and treasures. Some of it is being found bit by bit. But there is still a great deal outstanding. I am fascinated with Churchill and how he fought the war on different levels; that he employed the Authors Dennis Wheatley, Barbara Cartland and other imaginative minds of the time to come up with ideas – and they did come up with amazing ideas; and these were apparently used but also covered up.

I am, of course, totally into the 13 Hallows of Britain, and although some of you will think this is a legend, the theory is that there is truth to them, and that Churchill knew exactly what they were (well we all do) and where they were at the time of the war, and what he did with them. The theory is that he gathered them in together (which was a dangerous things to do as it was said that when the hallows came together in one time and place Britain would fall) and redistributed them. At the time he did that the Battle of Britain was raging, and there was a point where it looked as if Britain would lose. The Battle turned when the hallows left London and went to their new homes.

The Holy Grail is another thing I have explored, and of course many of you know I became a Freemason – or a co-freemason to be exact. Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed the ritual and what I learned, it was spoiled by the usual political and personal machinations that come with those kinds of groups. I asked to learn something in particular – a degree – called The Royal Ark Mariner; but was told that the degree would not be opened for me. I asked why, because the gentleman who taught it was in his 80’s and once he had passed (which was quite likely!) I would have to go overseas to do it. No, I could not do it. No reason was given; except that a year later it was confided to me that I was trying to move up in the ranks too quickly, and that I was being ‘put in my place’ to learn patience and humbleness. By that time I had left the Lodge, because of the aforementioned politics and the fact that I was rebelling. At supper after Lodge we were told to bring a vegetarian plate. Which I did for two years, when it occurred to me and another ‘newbie’ that there were no laws in the Lodge about being vegetarian. I had said I at the beginning I ate meat, and others said they all did too. A small hard core did not eat meat – the Worshipful Master (of the time) and other long term members, who belonged to a religion that was vegetarian. Yet in a co-freemason lodge religion is of not an issue – you can be any religion as long as you believe in one God. So I challenged the vegetarian plate concept. I asked in a meeting why we could not bring sausage rolls, because a sausage roll after Lodge would be wonderful! Something a bit more substantial than a rainbow quiche or an asparagus roll (which I hate). There were shakings of the head, and whisperings. And the Master said that they were of a particular religion and hence the vegetarian supper. So I challenged again and asked was there any reason not to have meat comestibles, and more whisperings – the answer was of course ‘no’. But that it had been a tradition for the last 20 years. Well, I broke the tradition at the next lodge meeting and bought a whole tray of sausage rolls with tomato sauce, and they went in one fell swoop, not one crumb left.

I was not popular. And then I was finally initiated into the Mark degree. There was a major kerfuffle about that as well. I should have gone before someone else, but he was the darling of the new Worshipful Master, and when we went for our ‘test’ – the test being reciting long passages of oaths off by heart – she failed me because I tripped up on one word; he tripped up on several, but she beamed at him and passed him and he went first.

So here I am a Master Mason getting ready to be a Mark Mason; the ritual was a mess, a dear friend had come from a traditional male lodge to support me, and he was astounded at how the ritual was run. People forgetting their words, and the Master of Ceremonies butting in and making people repeat them. It was not necessary, in the Male Lodge and other Lodges I have visited it is the energy of the ritual that counts, not halting people and making them repeat words. As long as th essence is there. Instead it was a very tense ritual. And I gave my oath, and waited to hear the Master impart the secret I had for three years waited to hear. I had worn my white dress and shoes every Lodge meeting, I had behaved (well as much as I could) and here was my reward for learning pages and pages off by heart (and I still know those passages!) – and the Worshipful Master told me the secret. My heart fell, and I thought WTF? That’s the secret? Really?

And so from that point things went downhill, I was really lost after the sausage rolls, oh and when another Mason and I suggested wine at supper – they were all teetotal, but there was nothing in the rules that said we couldn’t, so we did. Within a couple of months it was not fun anymore, it was not interesting, it was political, and I could not see the point. The hard thing is I miss freemasonry in its purest sense; I loved the ritual, the symbolism and the mystic. It is sad but a common thing that such institutions and organisations fall prey to the age old disease of ego, politics and power.

Well I have rather mused today – and you have another insight into who I am…