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Monday Muse 27th April 2015

Posted by jackiepope on April 27, 2015


It’s pouring, I love it. The crochet needle is out, two tv blankets delivered to two fabulous children; and a beanie created for Elaine; another beanie and scarf is on the needle… but I will not sit down on the couch until a morning’s work is done. I have completed a farewell ritual to my dear friend, and now feel settled with the different emotions of the weekend – sadness, happiness, contentment, discontentment – I have run the whole gambit. And I get the best reward of all – rain! Wind! That blustery Auckland day where I can eat fruit toast and drink coffee all day.

I am not sure I like the Mondayisation of Anzac day. For me it takes something away from it. The fact that no matter what day of the week we stepped outside our lives to pay homage; and now we have a Monday off. If that Monday were to be a non-trading day; total ban on everything I think I would be happier. And I am someone who upholds freedom of choice, but in this matter I think that if we are to Mondayize this day, then everybody gets the opportunity. No shopping malls, no trading unless urgent. Everyone get the day to remember. So there would be the usual parades on Anzac Day itself with the 1.30 – now you can all do what you want; but the Monday – nothing. Sacrosanct.

Following on from that, I did not buy a poppy this year. I see your eyebrows raise up, but no, I did not. I have had a rather different thought process this year. These men fought so that we would have freedom; freedom in all aspects of our lives; so that we would prosper; have the freedom to vote; and that every man, woman and child has a roof over their heads, and they are fed.

This does not happen in New Zealand. As we are well aware there is child poverty; let’s be blunt, there is poverty. We have a good system, it helps people, but it is flawed. I have said before it takes a village to grow a child. If the parents cannot or will not provide for their child, then we must. So this year I did not buy a poppy. Instead I gave the money to a charity that buys shoes, jackets and food for children. Because I think that those soldiers who fought for us, and still do fight for us would want children to be dry, warm and fed regardless of their situation.

I want to take it a step further. Anyone who purchases a reading in the next 7 days, regardless of whether it is email, skype of personal and regardless of price – $10 of that reading will go to this particular charity. I am also putting up a special today – I am bringing back the Chakra Reading – I have not had it up for a very long time; but if I recall many of you loved it! So look out for that today.

This week I feel that Wyrdsisters and therefore myself, are really back in the game. Whilst I was unwell I looked at different layouts, explored all sorts of stuff and am now looking forward to bringing them to you over the next few months. Winter is a wonderful time to explore yourself, and I am keeping that in mind when I put up the new readings.

There are some lovely things also to come – I have been working on painting some wooden beads with symbols and they are quite powerful in their simplicity; of course the beanies and scarves will be for sale as I finish them. If you like them but want a different colour, I can do that and there is one white beanie and scarf coming with Swarovski crystals intertwined – a tribute to ‘Frozen’. I might auction that one off for charity.

So there is my world, fruit toast, crochet, coffee, Dr Who, fabulous clients – what more could I want? Hmm steak… craving steak, and chips – crunchy crispy ones, and… an egg… and chocolate….. signing out to soft gentle music…

Love ya all