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Monday Muse 13th July 2015

Posted by jackiepope on July 13, 2015

Monday Muse

I had a brilliant idea.

I explored it, and it seemed perfect. I even built a prototype.

I looked at the prototype and started to look at it from a client/customer point of view.

Total failure! Absolute, screamingly complicated and hard to grasp!

If I purchased it I would send it back.

An interesting exercise in putting myself in someone’s else’s place, and looking at what you create from a different point of view.

So… I had a cry, yes, I cried – all that work! Weeks of it!

I had a good whinge to a friend of mine over a McDonald’s breakfast.

And I decided to scrub the idea totally. Other people were doing it, well not quite the same, and probably not quite so authentic (very commercial) but they were doing it. Do I really need to do something after all?

Yes, that is the answer after a journey into my underworld and a very serious chat to the Goddess and everyone else there who has a hand in my fate. Yes, you do.
Obviously not in the format I had created. Off I go into the wild blue yonder once again, and now the project is back on. Same concept, different content. So it’s back on track.

Remember Wyrd Wednesday on 22nd July at Urania Café. Just a get together, although bring your cards if you want to practice, I’m sure there will be willing guinea pigs, bring business cards and stuff if you are in business. Time to share what we have all been up to…. Kellie if you are coming can you please bring Oak King incense – I still haven’t got to the shop, and I am wanting to try it….

There will be a pop quiz, not a full length pub quiz thing, a short one, for fun with no sports, and no British history or American presidents (Sorry Rick).
If this evening goes well, I might do it once a month.

My world has been a bit sniffy, keeping a cold at bay. I am winning at the moment, it is not a full blown disaster, and I am fully functional. A day in bed with Jason Statham really helped, although Sylvester was a bit of a disappointment and was halted half way through (did I really like Rambo when it first came out? Yes, appalling as it is – I did!). Then it was St Trinians… oh my favourite all time movie, and that really finished the day off with the added bonus of my last four squares of Jelly Tip chocolate. (Does anyone have a copy of the St Trinian’s second movie about the pirate ship? I would love to get hold of a copy). The jelly tip biscuits are not satisfying at all, and really Jaffa chocolate? Cadbury’s that is far too little too late! Now Dr Who chocolate – something with a toffee crack and soft fudge centre, with something blue… hmmm that would work.

I am rambling, yes I know. It is one of those weeks when rambling will be the order of the day. I am fully booked with personal readings today, and it is horoscope writing day tomorrow; I have all day Thursday free for readings – so come and have an update! Updates are now $50.00 but if you bring coffee – $40.00! Just this Thursday. If you want a full reading Thursday – bring coffee and it will be $70.00 instead of $80.00.

What else? Oh, yes I am going to Tairua on the afternoon of the 26th for five days; email readings will be available of course; and I am going into the studio with my fabulous, creative friend and we are going to create some bowls for your altar – goddess bowls; and tiles for incense, and anything else we can dream up! So keep an eye on facebook for those. I will send photos as we are creating. How exciting, I will be in 7th heaven.

Have a great week out there.

Monday Muse 6th July 2015

Posted by jackiepope on July 6, 2015

I am about to do all my housework, but thought whilst I am eating my fruit and grains, and drinking my distilled beans* I would bang out a Monday muse.

Good morning fellow Clan members, and greetings to those of other clans and tribes….

I know a bit of a different beginning, but it is very fitting.

So I know that you all know about the thing that came out a few years ago saying that our DNA could tell us exactly where we came from in the world. And that in turn determined the type of people we were, what we ate etc etc. For instance if you are a marathon runner and have endurance then you probably were sourced from Central Africa where you ran from village to village for days and days announcing the latest wedding or the birth of the latest royal child. Usually by the time you had done the circuit the child was 12 years old and getting ready to be married… so you had a ten day break, and off you went again.

Or you are bouncy, you like ball games in defined areas, and tackle, grunt and hit things. Rugby would certainly be sourced from a very aggressive, pushy tribe of people who lived in the mountains where there were very few large fields to do battle in. So it was organized that everyone met in the meadow between the two tribes and made a day of it. Winners take all. If you play squash or tennis then you can just imagine where your DNA is sourced from can’t you? Probably some underground tribe, who can only chase the ball short distances and need hand held tools to help. Although that DNA source shows a good deal of brain power – to actually create the tool.

It is about eating as well. If your DNA is from a leafy area, you probably grubbed in the dirt for roots, berries, and ate off the trees, and drank from sparkling streams <sic>. Meat eaters hunted in forests that had trees and not so many bushes and plants… all leaf mould and broken logs, perfect for small furry creatures to hide in, for birds to sit in and larger animals to run in. So you people tracked them down, ate the meat, drank the blood and then left it all to rot as all good recyclers should.

There are those that hibernate in winter, and travel with the sun, and those of us (and we have talked about this before) who are active in winter and die in summer.
It’s interesting isn’t it? But then you come to the likes of me. The Couch Potato; and my point is that my DNA source is totally valid. I am where I came from. In as much as I cannot change you the marathon sprinter or the meat eater, you cannot change me – the couch potato.

We are legitimate. I know this. I had my DNA done whilst in Australia, and I come from up in the Greenland/Iceland part of Europe. We lay around open fires, our tribe was one that would have a flurry of hunting, foraging and then we would prepare all that food so it was easy to eat – some would be dried in the wintery sun, some frozen (yes, I probably had my favourite ice hill with my treats in it) and there you have it – snack food. Open the box, or the leather bag and out comes some jerky, or sliced marinated tongue of seal or polar bear – and there you have it. What is so different? I rip open a bag, and devour what’s in it. I have periods of frenzy when I go foraging and fill the fridge and cupboards, then I loll about eating it all.

My DNA source people would stay around the fire, tell stories, talk about the good old days when the sun would come up for at least 36 hours, not 24 like it is now. Talking about the wayward travellers that found themselves in the freezing cold with not a fur in sight. Shooting the breeze, solving world problems and staring at the stars. Talking about the mysteries of the world beyond, because remember when that man disappeared but came back 5 years later talking of people who ate berries and leaves, and had battles at set times. I figure I pretty much am true to type.

One very interesting thing is I have ‘the eyes’ of my tribe, my DNA source. The light blue is very important (do you hear that people? BLUE eyes, pale blue eyes are important) and denoted that I could (if I had another $150) explore further. I didn’t have another $150. I needed to forage that week. Perhaps I might do it in a few months. It would seem that the whole Druid thing is not surprising, as the Druid ‘thing’ came down through Europe into Britain. So I obviously did not travel far from my source, well not until I was five years old in this life.

The point being, we are what we are. I will never be a marathon runner, and I will never run after little balls; I will take my sustenance as easily as I can get it, and I have blue eyes – don’t forget the blue eyes. I will never be able to change you. However I will cheer you one as you pass me by on your marathon. I will throw you a water bottle from my deck chair. I will come out while you are in the forest foraging for all that fresh food, then I will happily let you cook it, serve it, and I will eat it. I won’t do the dishes. We didn’t have dishes, we just ate with our fingers – the ultimate snack food.

It all goes back to our DNA source. Where were we sourced? I find that all fascinating.

Where do you think you were sourced from?
I am proud to be a Couch Potato

Have a delightful week. At the end of this week I will have prototypes ready for the new product coming out – and I am so excited. It has taken a lot of work and dreaming to get this far. Plus amazing bracelets are being created. Some beautiful rose/green swarovski hearts just arrived, and kiisi stones, adore kiisi stones. Oh and not forgetting the sapphire swarovksi cubes… yes there is a creative day somewhere in the week.

Don’t forget to check events – I will share it again. Come to Café Urania on Wednesday 22nd July for Wyrd Wednesday. Coffee, cocktails or wine; shoot the breeze, catch up with friends, purely casual evening. No cover charge. It will be what it will be. There will be a quiz… yes not one with sport and other stupid stuff… but a proper one. There will be a prize.

Love you all…. wow it’s pouring with rain…. I will do the housework and return to my computer…. or maybe look in the ice hill and see what treats are left.



*Grains and fruit – fruit toast; distilled beans – coffee

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