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Monday Muse Full Moon September

Posted by jackiepope on September 28, 2015
Monday Muse Fullish Moon September 2015
Monday Muse Fullish Moon 2015
Good morning moonbeams, sunbeams and assorted beams, plus the odd unicorn who is watching.
Well Full Moon… quite wonderful to be writing on a full moon, and writing randomly – Goddess know what will come out of my keyboard today. One apology, I did not get the Workbook for Full Moon finished, and rather than rush it, I will have it ready for November Full Moon. It has been a busy week finalizing different threads of my life. Some are still needing tying up, but for the most part I am now on my Adventure.
I am looking out at the hills, I hardly notice the roofs of the houses in front of me, my eye is drawn to the green and drawn to the sky. The sky is amazing out here. It goes on for miles and miles with clouds, and colour especially at sunset.
How do I feel having had one week on my adventure? Well I have rekindled my passion for the internet, that dream to be accessible in some shape or form to people, and to add to the world a down to earth spiritual alternative. I always wanted to people to see how simple all of this was.
So many times when I show someone the way they can take, or give clarity about spiritual stuff, people say ‘it cannot be that simple?’ Well yes it can. Life is very simple, being able to enrich it with magic, ritual and blessings makes it all the sweeter. I don’t care if you are not ‘spiritual’, there is still joy in lighting a candle and some incense; enjoying the light the candle casts, and inhaling the aroma of a sweet incense.
You don’t have to be spiritual in any shape or form to enjoy that pleasure. Yet in its own way it is a spiritual experience. It is ‘other wordly’
So you might work all day, have a boyfriend or partner, and along with that goes all the caring, sharing and compromise; and life is full. You feel the need to do something for yourself, but not sure what. You have tried the crystals, and yes rose quartz works for you, and you love your amethyst ring, but that does not seem to be a philosophy or something you can hang your hat on.
You may have been to Yoga, this is something I have tried, but certainly not my thing, even if I can do the pigeon thingy, yoga is not my spiritual shtick. So yoga is not your thing, although the eye candy is quite uplifting at times; so you went and did a shamanic weekend, these can be a little in depth for a first timer, and you probably came out with more questions than you went in with. Don’t get me wrong, these weekend workshops can be amazing, but make sure you do something from someone reputable, that knows their stuff – for instance I would recommend Rosanna from Aroha Healing, her weekends are brilliant; they are safe, instructive and satisfying.
But workshops may also take up time for you, and you have not got the time to scour the internet to see if Wicca, Ascended Masters, Druidry or anything else suits. Life kind of has a life of its own. And yet, in your soul there is a yearning to do something.
And that something can be simple.
And when you start doing something rather than looking for something to do you will be led to what is right.
So now you are going to ask ‘What can I do then?’
So here are 10 things to do:
1. Light a candle and/or incense. Do it when you can. Get into the habit of naming someone you love when lighting the candle and incense.
2. Create an altar – whether you are spiritual or not, whether you follow a pathway or not – everyone should have a sacred place. A window sill, a chest, a shelf. Put your treasures on the altar; your favourit necklace, a photo of ones you love, candles, incense, crystals, flowers, leaves. Anything and everything. It is your special place, and you will find you will change it according to your moods.
3. When you cook a meal, create it magically… even if it is beans on toast. Light a candle, and cook with intent – sit down at a table and eat – even if you are alone. Dedicate the meal to someone.
4. Plant a tree, in a pot, or in the forest. Name the tree for yourself. This is where your roots are, this represents growth, depth and abundance.
5. Do something for someone else every day. You probably do this already.
6. Do something for yourself every day.
7. Keep a daily journal. If you are too tired to write, or it is not your thing, then start a photographic diary, or online scrapbook diary – with the iphone and ipad these days it is easy to take a picture during the day and save it to your journal.
8. Be with children regularly. If you do not have children of your own –find some… play in the park, listen to their point of view on life, listen and join in their pure laughter and joy of the day.
9. Be with animals (if you like them) and enjoy their total sense of self.
10. And lastly…. Don’t try so hard to find it. In fact don’t try and find it at all, it will find you.
Well that went somewhere entirely different to what I expected, but there it is… have the most fabulous day people…
Jackie Pope
ps. Those of you that remember my story The Red Leather Chaise. Well here is a surprise for you – I am putting it up under under the tab ‘Library’

Monday Muse Spring Equinox 2015

Posted by jackiepope on September 21, 2015

Monday Muse Spring Equinox 2015

Good morning city folk, country folk, suburbanites and off the gridders, and those who are still dreaming and scheming

Spring Equinox – happy bunnies, happy lambs, although I do recall being laughed at in Kakahi when this very City girl agreed (along with daughter, and stepsons) that yes we would love a lamb. And yes, you do get to bottle feed it. So we were left with this lamb, and instructions for three hourly feeds. Yes, three hourly – and not until 9.30 when we went to bed, but all through the night. So of course I ended up doing the night feeds. The local farmer loved his joke. It seems we passed the test as lamb rearers though, he was impressed when he came to check up on it… it was huge.
He said he would have it killed and packed, we all looked at each other in horror. But he said it was ok because he had other ones to kill from other families, and he would swap them so we did not eat out own pets. I learned very quickly that was a load of BS and we did in fact, devour our own pet. It was tasty.

We will not talk about stepsons leaving baby possums in the airing cupboard to keep warm… all night, and other spring catastrophes that happen in the country. Like your favourite Shihtzu being bought home by a neighbour minging! Why? He had been found INSIDE a dead sheep. The country has a lot to be said for it… and then again!

I am in the country now. This morning I cannot bring myself to do anything except sit on the sunny deck and look out at the toitois and think about what I might like to do, rather than what I should do – which really are the same things… I have scotch fingers – but not chocolate ones, it seems country supermarkets are a bit backwards about chocolate covered scotch fingers.
It is very quiet.

The sky is amazing, and I could wax lyrical as usual… but this is new beginnings, spring equinox the perfect time to recreate Wyrdsisters (don’t worry- your favourites will still be here) and to finish writing my books and… yes the big project this week is to finish the Moon Workbook. I have been working on it quietly in the background the last couple of weeks, and hopefully it will be ready for this Full Moon, if not it will be ready for the next one.

Dr Who is calling – but so is work. I shall indulge in Dr Who this afternoon.
So people – I am back. Email and Facebook readings ready to rumble. With some new ones! Watch this space. I will be in Grafton 3rd October for two weeks if you wish to book a personal reading.
I hear a frog, and oh there is a chicken, and a rabbit on the lawn. This bloody spring stuff is getting too much, so frogs legs for entrée, chicken and rabbit stew for main…. Dessert anyone?

Monday Muse 7th September 2015

Posted by jackiepope on September 7, 2015
Monday Muse September 7th
Good morning punters, shunters, makers, movers, shakers, creators and the odd Cretan
I have a whole lot of things to have a real whinge about, to shout the house down and to indulge the fact that I have this outlet to say what I please. And as Tabatha says… at the end of the column some of you will still be here, and some of you will not.
So let us be very pointed…. Bullet points… bullet points between the eyes. If I upset you, I do not apologize, it means you have transgressed in my world and you will pay for your sins. You will have to eat only chocolate and drink alcohol for the rest of your life; for more serious offences you will be locked in a room with nubile gorgeous men and/or women depending on your sexual predilection and you will have to enjoy them all, every single one of them, and they keep multiplying – it will be endless. So that is my dastardly punishment.
1. Ohhhh Jackie you are embarrassing. My daughter is fabulous, and she is NOT guilty of this at all, although she does occasionally raise her eyebrows, and hides in the corner, but she understands that being embarrassing is a Mother’s job.
However, sometimes as women we need to stand up for ourselves, and we need to make a point. And it would seem that I have embarrassed some people in my life. Really? If I have not embarrassed at least ¾ the population of NZ before I die I will consider my life totally wasted. I will embarrass you. I will laugh, and I will jump in puddles – and I do not apologise to the cyclist whom was riding on the footpath in full cycle drag and.. well there was a bus top full of people; and a puddle. I caught the puddle with my front tyre just as you sanctimoniously and smugly rode past the bus stop – making out you are all of that – and yes, you got wet, and you fell off your bike in front of everyone,… my passenger was embarrassed. I am who I am all my life, so suddenly you want me to stand in the corner in a crocheted tea cosy hat, with a woolly cardy and a tartan skirt and slippers and behave. Really? No. So do not tell me I am embarrassing to you – I know I am. Simple solution – don’t go out with me. So transgression no 1 – So if you have ever said this… your punishment is to be locked for eternity in a winery with only Sav Blanc (cheap), cheddar cheese and pineapple on sticks for sustenance.
2. Ohhh Jackie you are naughty! Or substitute someone’s name that you have said this to in recent times. Why am I naughty for having a piece of choccy cake and a moccacino? When you tell me I am naughty you are implying that I am doing something dreadful, and that I will be cast into the hell of never seeing a rubber duck or Dr Who episode again! My mother can tell me I am naughty, my daughter – at a pinch can tell me I am naughty. But nobody else. Telling me I am naughty makes you very condescending and superior. Because oh no – far be it from you to have an extra slice of bacon, or to take the last curried egg (which I admit I have a craving for just lately if anyone happens to be feeling creative). Naughty is running away from your Mother at the supermarket, throwing a tantrum in the pub because the guiness is not poured properly (Yes I am guilty); being naughty is doing something sneaky… I am not sneaky, I will eat that chocolate cake right in front of you, and lick the plate. Just because you deny yourself certain pleasures, does not mean I am naughty because I indulge. So for telling me I am naughty I sentence you to the naughty step, where you must spend eternity eating an endless chocolate cake with bacon maple frosting, and a neverending mug of moccacino with caramel froth and a drizzle of chocolate.
3. Ohhh Jackie you need to lose weight. I have dammit! Can you not see? I cannot wear Doris the synthetic boob any more because she is bigger than my remaining boob and looks odd. I wear size 18 pants from my favourite dress designer. And no I did not diet to do it. And no the cancer did not make it easy for me – it is amazing how many people think that I have lost weight because of chemo and all the rest of it. Well yes that did help – it was a great detox quick start regime – but I kept it off, and lost more! And no I have not juiced, vegied, paleo’d or done anything exotic. So if you have told me or someone else recently they must lose weight, then you are sentenced to sitting in a room full of gym equipment, with sports drinks and those horrid carob power bars to eat forever. Oh and you cannot get on the machines – you have to sit on the pilates ball – all the time!
4. Ohhh Jackie your hair!!!!!!!! OMG what have you done this time? Yes my Mother says this every time I see her, she is allowed, she is my Mother. I expect it. And now I have this gorgeous grey hair (yes I am accepting my hair) I will colour it all the colours of a Unicorn’s fart, and I will put glitter in it, and I am becoming partial to silver eyeliner. If you do not like my hair, keep quiet. I don’t actually care. My fab hairdresser and I have great fun, we giggle over colours, and try out all sorts of things. If you have ever looked at my hair and said and thought anything other than its amazing and gorgeous then your punishment is to sit in a hairdressers chair, in a 1950’s salon with a hairdryer over your head, with curlers, pins, setting lotion; with a cup of weak tea and two rice crispies, and fag hanging out of your mouth forever.
5. Ohhh Jackie you are moving AGAIN? Actually I have been here 3 1/2 years, that is a long time for me. I am a Druid, a wanderer and I like adventures. The fact that my ass has been planted here for this amount of time is a wonder to behold. I have enjoyed it. And yes you may think I should stay here, but god forbid if I stay here then what am I missing out on? What is beyond Mt Eden Road? What is beyond the Harbour Bridge? And if I don’t move I will never achieve my dream of a tiny house – ahhhhhhhhh you say – then you will stay in one place…. No I will not – it will be a movable tiny house. If you have ever been guilty of the above then you are doomed to live in a caravan in a bogan caravan park with only a bbq, sausages, stale bread buns and Bundy rum. No you cannot have the odd smoke. This is punishment.
6. Ohhhh Jackie isn’t it time you found a man. Found a man? Oh really? Found a man – that implies that I might be looking. I am not looking. I have a list a mile long of fabulous things to do, and I don’t like sharing my bed, I like my mornings to myself, I do not particularly like male things in my bathroom, and I do not like the idea that I have to consider somebody else. Yes, that is selfish. I am totally selfish. I like it that way. So if you have told me to find a man lately you are relegated to the bogs of cold pizza and flat diet coke, forever swimming in sticky mozerella.
7. The final one… well probably not but enough for this morning…. Ohhhh Jackie when are you going to open another shop? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Never, ever. A shop is like a man, I have to share time with it, oh and there are people called customers – you have to be nice to them. I do not want to be tied to opening up at 9am to 5pm; and telling you that I do not have sandalwood but lavender will do. And no I do not have cinnamon candles, and no I will not read for you, your sister and her sisters in law for a discounted price. I have created my life, I realized the other week that when I had my shop my dream was to not have a shop, to have a business online and personal when I chose. And I have that. Dream achieved! So if you have asked me when I am going to open a shop you are thrown into the seas of over spiced chai tea and endless bowls of vicious curry with whole chillies!
Are you still with me? I hope so.
It is going to be one of those weeks I think.
Housekeeping – I am here now until the 19th September, so if you want a dash in update – I’m here. But it is all a mess.
One thing I must tell you – when I go housesitting I will be bringing you some new facebook options for readings…. yes, now that will be fun!
Be good, be kind, and eat chocolate cake. I am off to get cupcakes, I have such a yen for them. It would be Dunkin Donuts, but… sadly the St Lukes one is closed now. sniff.