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Monday Muse 7th December 2015

Posted by jackiepope on December 7, 2015
Good morning friends, neighbours, family, clients, enemies and anyone else who is happening to read this,
I am sitting in Pakuranga with the most divine dog Fry – he is sulking at the moment as everyone has gone on holiday and he is stuck with this pink haired woman who wants way too many cuddles and strokes! I am drinkin Dr Pepper cola – totally sugar… can’t help myself today, and yes I had coffee, and scotch fingers and it is one of those kinds of day. I don’t care…
Christmas is around the corner, my veritable nightmare, and I did have to have a daughter who adores Christmas and spent the weekend with the two children doing Santa Parades, letters to Santa, and making paper chains and Christmas trees. Thankfully I am now in Pakuranga in a house totally devoid of Christmas – sanity! Actually it was a great week out in the country.

I drove to Pakuranga with Tom Jones full blast on cd player, and at Te Irirangi drive the window washers were all out – I had my $2 because my screen is filthy and I welcomed the clean – the young man started grooving to Tom Jones and I got quite a show. What absolute fun! I handed over the $2, got a fabulous smile, and thank god he didn’t say happy Christmas.
Yes I know window washers are a pain to some of you – not to me, I don’t wash my screen you see, I keep forgetting and actually all of the ones I have met are polite – and if you smile – an extra scrub of the window is your reward. Smile…. Yes people SMILE. Last week I told you to put the BLOODY PHONE DOWN. Now this week DAMN WELL SMILE.
Yes it is hell out there, and yes I don’t have to sit in traffic, in the heat, avoiding idiots on the road; and no I don’t have to do late night shopping (I can go anytime) for food; and I already have the few Christmas presents that I wished to purchase. But, when I do drive out there, I let people in the lane, and I let people get out of driveways and I smile. Why? Because they are probably having a far crappier day than I am. I am probably heading off for coffee, maccers, cake or art supplies, or wool…. Or visiting someone nice. They are probably taking the Mother in Law to a dentist appointment, or Christmas Shopping, I don’t know which would be worse. But you see my point?
Oh and please blast music on the radio, I have realised I have stopped listening to music, it is something I could not stand during chemo daze (days). But a dear friend who has come back into my life gave me some CDs – Hot Chocolate, Tom Jones and Neil Diamond – perfect turn up loud and sing music. So today I am going to burn off a CD for the car with everything else that I love, and singing in the car is coming back into my life!
SMILE at the man making your coffee wearing the silly Santa Hat – the corporate coffee company said he had to, and now he has hat hair every day; and think about the woman in the department store who listens to the same Christmas Music all day – and her company said they had to start Christmas Music on November 26th. A whole month of Drummer Boy and Silent Night. SMILE at the harassed Mum in the supermarket who just wants to get her stuff and get out… but her child has other ideas. She needs a SMILE, and she needs to be told she is being a fabulous mother.
Yes, I am asking you to SMILE and give a COMPLIMENT. Do you remember what that is? We are so quick to criticise and give negative feedback. And yes, you have heard all this before, because I have written it all before, and other people have written it before. But I say this with extra fervour this year. And I ask you personally to commit to telling your children they are amazing (no matter what age they are); complimenting your partner; telling the coffee guy he makes the best coffee – of course he knows you are lying through your back teeth – but you said it, in front of others – you made his day!
And you say… who are you that you could ask us to personally commit? What sway do I have over you? Why on earth would you listen to an old tart who reads cards, has pink hair and is in love with Dr Who, and writes horoscope columns for a living? Well you don’t have to do anything I ask at all…
So why do I ask you to smile? Simple – there is enough crap in this world at the moment – the UK with a stabbing; USA multiple shootings (and good grief you would think by now that they have got the message – guns kill people); France, and Europe under siege. In New Zealand we have our own problems, of course we do. But we live in such a blessed country. Where I can smile at a gorgeous young man washing my windscreen in total safety; where I can walk around my neighbourhood with not a care in the world; where if I have only a few dollars in my purse I can buy a loaf of bread; butter, milk, tomatoes, cheese and avocado and still have change out of $20.00!
We live in a country where when I got sick no expense was spared, I am alive because of this country’s health system, and sure there are flaws, and it wasn’t the most scenic route I could have taken… but here I am sitting here telling you to damn well SMILE. Bit of a miracle isn’t it? Something to SMILE about.
I ask you to SMILE because we live in a country that is supposed to be friendly, where strangers can greet each other in the street. Being out in Pokeno in the new community out there has shown me that it still exists. People know their neighbours, walk the dogs, keep an eye out for each other, pass the time of day. The girl in the ice cream shop knows that Salted Caramel is my favourite, and I have it in a milk shake container with a lid. And she knows I love hotdogs and chips for lunch when I am out there.
SMILE because if you smile your children or the children around you will smile; and that is a wonderful thing. To see children smile, and to hear them laugh. Teach your children to be generous this Christmas, to show them that this is a privilege life we live here in New Zealand; again yes there are flaws – and where there are people there will always be issues; but what if one person drops the ball; what say one person does not care or feed their children properly… in this country there should be hundreds of us standing in line to give that child what it needs. Not through social services, or charity (they do a fantastic job) but perhaps more simply by paying attention to the children around you, their friends. There are ways and means of helping children and their parents without being condescending or waving the big charity flag. A box of groceries on the doorstep; a supermarket voucher; a warm jacket; a pretty dress. Smile at the children around you, and see who smiles back. And the one that does not smile back, pay closer attention… bring a smile to that child’s face.
So I have gone around the houses and back, and it might all not make sense, and you might just all think ‘she is on her soap box again’ – well yes I am, I quite like my soap box, I might bring it out a bit more often.
SMILE at the old lady with pink hair singing along to ‘You sexy Thing’ – it could be me. And if you don’t smile at me then may you be cursed with never being able to find the perfect jeans to fit your bum; or the right length trousers; or the curse of the knicker elastic – now that is one curse you do not want to experience.
So I ask you to SMILE at least three times a day – more if you can manage it. I will settle for two. But if you do not smile at least twice, then it is the curse of the knicker elastic or the curse of the open fly zipper for you!
Love you long time…