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Monday Muse March… umm 13th? or is it the 14th?

Posted by jackiepope on March 14, 2016
I think a Monday Muse is in order….
I went to the markets on Saturday morning, and an amazing Market I must say. The food is incredible, you would just come to Kerikeri for the weekend to go to that market – one of the highlights of my stay up here. Pies, bread, art …
There were some glass artists there, and of course I squealed with delight and asked the first gentleman if he rented out studio space… he was most charming and said he was an individual artist and did not have a large studio – just a small space on the porch. We had a wonderful conversation about our love of glass, and I moved on.
After coffee, strawberry tart, drooling over citrine steampunk pendants, looking at the most amazing fine wool and silk scarves and pretty much in 7th heaven I came across another art glass stall. Well, the pair of them sat there and did not acknowledge or engage me at all; I asked the same question as I did of the other glass artist and was shut down from any conversation or discussion with a flat NO. No smile, no connection, no exchange of artistic energy, no showing off the work with pride. I did see a pair of earrings I really wanted, but you know, I didn’t buy them. The moment was spoiled. In fact I went back and purchased a pair of earrings from the other gentleman.
What am I musing on here? I think a couple of things… in my friends list on this facebook page alone there are many of you who are in business for yourselves in some form or other. I know very well that if I rock up to Belinda Tuki @The Honest Food Company she is going to engage, inspire and let me know how much she loves her product; Sharon Killen a very sharp businesswoman who loves what she does and delivers – @Getapartybus and wedding cars – efficient, good service, and loves what she does – it shows.Timeless Images and Photographers Inc – Lisa Harrington runs these businesses with a passion, and her work is outstanding.
Auntie Briar with her dog treats, blankets and accessories; Rosanna Marks from Aroha Healing, Angie Maharaja from Shaniks are others who do what they do with pure love.
That is what it is all about, not just making some glass placemats, and importing lampwork earrings, sitting and looking as you don’t want anyone to approach – it is about us showing people that we love our work, that when you connect with one of us – it is not a ‘manufactured’ product, it is us. Yes, there is a product or a service. But you are getting our energy, our essence, and each time we engage with someone it is unique.
I know that couple did not do well, and maybe they were having a bad day – and maybe on some other day they may be en pointe and engaging. The thing is you cannot have a bad day in business. You cannot show the world a sad face. If you are not happy then don’t show up. Better a blank space for a day, than a miserable face. I remember one day coming into St Kevins arcade having had my heart absolutely broken by some random NZ Dating person – if I recall he said we would go out for my birthday, and he never turned up. Instead I got a text from his wife apologising but that he always does this. That Monday I was gutted. I walked in the shop and shut the door.
I realized in that moment that if I stayed for the day I would not be bringing happiness or healing to people; I would be lost in my own wallowy energy, and so I shut up shop and went home via McDonalds and the supermarket, and I wallowed the whole day.
By evening I was so fed up and angry with myself that I got dressed up, took myself off to a nice dinner. Came home and did a shamanic journey. Tuesday morning I was raring to go, and I had one of my best days ever in that shop; amazing people, readings, laughter, and money in the cash box. I knew I had made the right decision.
You will not lose money by having a day off if you are not 100%, better that than lose customers because you were a bit short with them, or could not deliver. In my world in particular you cannot be miserable. Of course I have been from time to time, but I am very aware that when you walk into my world it is all about you. And I am not being facetious – I am there for you in that moment; no matter how I feel, no matter what is going on in my life, my focus is to give you what you need in that moment. And yes, I am not perfect and I have sometimes let my personal life creep into the magical. We are but human. But I try not to.
On Facebook I try not to be negative. Especially as I am a business. You have to be so careful of your reputation (yes they call it ‘brand’ now I know); you have to be very thoughtful as to what you write. And I am sure you are all laughing your heads off because I write exactly what I think – well yes that is true, but if you look closely very rarely do I criticize people directly; and certainly not clients, and if I do mention someone – they are anonymous and usually know I am writing about them in advance.
I was browsing facebook the other day for a particular service that I needed, and came across a page that appealed until I read the latest post ‘where are you all? You said if I set up the business you would support me?’ and then there were a couple of expletives – and I felt like messaging her and saying – ‘well love, you just killed your business straight away’.
We in business all have down time when people don’t show up, or come in their hoards, but none of us (well my friends anyway) criticize our clients in such a way online, you cannot afford to do that. If the clients are not coming, then you look at what you are doing. It is that simple. It is not flash marketing, or clever campaigns, it is all very simple – Give the customer what they want; and give it to them with passion, courtesy and respect. And you cannot lose.
And it cannot always be about money. I very often get asked why I do Tarot Tuesday and do not charge for it; the reason is simple, I want to give back to my clients in some small way. The way to do that is Tuesday Tarot and creating some different specials at a good price.
I have more to say – but I have run out of coffee, and you are probably bored shitless.
Anyway in closing I would love every one of you who reads this (even just the first and last paragraph) to post your business no matter what it is (or organization) – so that we can all see who you are, and know we are dealing with passionate people of like minds…
come on….
Don’t be shy – we are passionate people, who live in the most amazing place in the world. We can be and create anything we want… so share it… please.

Day 1 – I’m here

Posted by jackiepope on March 1, 2016

Good morning all of you in Open House

As many of you know I am house sitting in Kerikeri for two to three weeks. What some of you do not know is that I am using it as a time to get a book finished, to get one started, to create some jewelry, to get into ‘art’ crochet, and to get some fantastic new tarot stuff for you all.

I will be doing a series of shamanic journeys, this is the perfect place, through those journeys I hope to find exciting, new places for us to go.

Also as some of you have noticed that since chemo my gift has become, well, to say the least more open, deeper; I am not sure why or how, but this seems the time to explore it, and see how far it takes me.

I will be writing in this space regularly – I will not say that I will do it daily, because like the ‘no coffee, no zero’ resolution – I don’t want to say I will and then not fulfill. I’ve learned that lesson in the first 24 hours.

However, it is work as usual with readings, so keep me busy – it is probably the perfect time to have an in depth reading, and I could explore tailoring something that you would like, and of course a price that suits. I have a couple of clients whom I do this for, they like things in a certain style and certain content, I love it. So it is your chance. Private Message me with anything that you might like to do.

My view this morning is spectacular. There are magpies, ponies, lambs, cows, a dog, a funny little man in the paddock next door, and the most beautiful flax and treescape.

I also see the clouds piling up, moving in towards each other, starting an argument with each other. What a treat – clear view of it all. And a covered deck so I can sit outside and be in it, but not get wet…. but hang on… there is nothing to stop me dancing in the rain.

Come dance this 14 day journey with me, goddess knows what will happen, or where it will take me, but if you want to come along you are welcome, and if you don’t then just ignore the posts….

Love you all, blessings and unicorns… I am sure there is a unicorn out here… somewhere..

paddock view druid

paddock view druid