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Moon Mission Transmission Wednesday 28th September

Posted by jackiepope on September 28, 2016



Moon Mission Transmission Wednesday

This is the Phelan message of LAW

There are laws of the land, laws of the tribe, laws of the family; and personal law… your code that you live by.

What is your code? What is your personal law that you live by absolutely and truly?

Moon Mission Transmission Tuesday 27th September

Posted by jackiepope on September 28, 2016


Moon Mission Transmission for Tuesday

Rescue something or someone today. Rescue a plant that is dying in a garden; an old lady with heavy shopping; a friend with a child who will not settle; a work colleague who cannot sort something out.

Rescue a dog, a cat and give it a home. Or sponsor a cat with a donation of food. Sponsor a child here in our country – so that he or she has books for school, a school lunch, a warm home.

Rescue plants – there are beautiful old plants that are becoming extinct. Bulbs, seeds in old people’s gardens – long neglected. Dahlias are one of them – there are some beautiful old dahlia types; roses, fruit trees. Create a seed bank.

Rescue something, someone today.

Moon Mission Sunday 25th September 2016

Posted by jackiepope on September 25, 2016



Moon Mission Transmission on a horrid Daylight Saving day – my Aussie friends… I am now three hours ahead of you.

My message is from Phelan Deck again. This is one of my favourites.

It’s message is simple – Be different, be unique and do not be afraid of your identity. x

Moon Mission Saturday 24th September

Posted by jackiepope on September 24, 2016



Moon Mission Transmission for Saturday

This is from the Phelan Deck – and it is the message of ‘SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS’

Share what you are thinking. Not the nasty stuff, or the bitchy stuff, or the boring ‘did you watch Auckland Housewives’ stuff – but share a significant thought today.

Share a political thought – what you do you think about child poverty in New Zealand? The Housing situation? Share a spiritual thought – something that is important to you, something that shows people who you are at your heart and soul.

A simple thought can go a long way. When you express a thought you find that others think the same, and then there are connections, and networks that you never dreamed of. Or you find that others do not think the same, and they show you a different perspective, and maybe even change your mind…

Share a thought – post it here…

The Actor #1

Posted by jackiepope on September 9, 2016


I have to say the first, because there have been quite a few thespians through the doors of my shops. And this one I will call Dai (welsh).

He came into my shop in St Kevin’s Arcade as large as life; this is the first time that I have met someone who ‘fills the space’. I think if it had been the town hall, it would have felt ‘filled up’.

Black jeans, white shirt; scarf around his neck; black hair; and about 45 years old, maybe pushing 50. Not sure.

He looked me in the eye and said he could not afford a reading, but needed one. Would I be open to giving him a reading and in exchange he would recite/perform any poem I wished out in the arcade.

At the time there was a café in the arcade called ‘Alleluia’, and it was full of people being lunchtime. I agreed.

I gave him his reading, and he escorted me outside the shop; I sat down at one of the tables and what came next was probably one of the most amazing things…

I had a poem I loved – The Ancient Mariner; but I also loved Under the Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. I had once heard it read by Richard Burton. It was magical.

He performed both for me. In the middle of Karangahape road I was transported to that painted ship upon a painted ocean; and I was taken back to the welsh village. His voice was mesmerizing; very deep, very rich. I was not aware of anyone else in the café at all; although it was full. And when he had finished there was silence then a wave of applause and cheers. But during the performance I was the only one there; and it was purely for me.

He walked me back into my shop. Smiled and walked out, never to be seen again. I will never forget that performance.