Full moon – 10th February

Good morning to you all out there,

Last night, the moon shone down in all her glory. It was really quite magnificent, and the energy that it contained was amazing. This full moon seems to have kicked off a week that is going to be full of surprises, and full of good things. And that is for everybody.

On Friday night, the moon was waxing, and I was at the Adam Lambert and Queen concert. To see the sunset over the stage, and the moon rising as the music was playing was quite an incredible sight. How often do we stop and simply revel in the moment? How often do we stop and experience the magic? During the concert, there was the most beautiful light show, with lights playing on the smoke and mist around the stage. I looked around me and saw how many people were simply transfixed with this beautiful sight. There are very few moments, where we can stand in awe of something beautiful… Whether man-made, or natural.

It would seem to me, that this is the focus for me this week. To be in awe of what ever is beautiful around me; and take the time to enjoy it. Because these moments are very fleeting, the light show was maybe 5 to 10 minutes, and it’s gone. The moon hangs and sky for 12 hours, and then gives way to the sun. Which has its own beauty. But how often do you sit outside and moongaze?

Whatever catches my eye and my attention this week, I will pay it more attention, appreciate the moment, and take note.

Because the moon energy is so strong at the moment, starting the week off with a bang is important. Start the week how you mean to go on. Sit down with a cup of coffee and make a list of what you want to achieve, and if it’s a long list then just choose three. And let’s get it done.

If you are looking for a new job, take a photo copy of your CV, and placed it on your altar, or windowsill or shelf, then light a green candle every evening for five days.Light it at the same time, snuff it out when you go to bed, and relight the next evening. If you are looking for love, then draw a heart on a piece of paper, make it pretty, colour it in, and place it underneath a red candle and do the same as for the green candle.

If you are looking for healing, then a blue candle; and if you are looking for wisdom, knowledge and anything to do with study use a yellow candle.

The simple act of lighting a candle adds another layer of energy to your wish. You can add other layers of intent, by lighting some incense – something fresh and green for your job; patchouli or Rose for love; dragons blood for healing, and citrus for wisdom and knowledge.

You can add other layers, with music, meditation, flowers and herbs. And that is an art within itself. Creating layers of intent, and creating a moments of clarity, and beauty. Enjoy that moment of clarity, of beauty, and the energy that you have layered and created. Whatever it is you are focusing on, will happen very quickly. If you do this on a full moon, or even right now, while we are still under the influence of a full moon, whatever it is you intend will come into being within 28 days.

Have an amazing week.