Monday Muse 10th August 2015

Good morning petals, flowers, trees, weeds shrubs…

whichever category you think you belong in…. I think I am in the ‘stinking bogs’ amongst the bulrushes at the moment. Which is actually quite a nice place to be.

Anyway enough of waxing lyrical which is a big downfall of mine, and onto business. Yes friends, family and clients… BUSINESS. Well not just business…. See here I go again ready to launch into some frilly thing about pathways in life changing, and blue moons. Well to shorten it, Full Blue Aquarius Moon rather blew me away last week.

Here it is in a nutshell (a walnut shell, although maybe a pistachio shell …..)
I have given in notice on my cave in Mt Eden.

Your questions will be:
Where are you going?

I am going housesitting for a year to save money for my ‘tiny house’, to live in different places, to wander as a true Druid should. But mainly financial reasons, and to have an adventure, change of scene, to shrug off the memories of the big C, and find the meaning of life, which as we all know is 42.


How does that affect us your fabulous, amazing clients?
Well it should not change, except where I do personal readings. I will assume most housesits will be in the Auckland and Waikato areas, although if someone offers me a housesit in Spain with all fares paid – I am not going to say no (I adore Spanish men). I will have a stronger presence on the internet, and am working out and experimenting with facebook – with those 90 second message thingys and the facetime I think it is – the voice talky chat thing. I will probably be more attentive to the internet – it has been one of my goals to really give my clients interesting stuff, so there will be all sorts of things coming out of my tiny brain.

In relevant time terms – if you would like a face to face reading here at Mt Eden you have until 31st August thereabouts (could be longer, but no shorter) but that is my timeline. So book in, I am doing any day, flexible with times, although not any later than a 6pm reading start in the evening. Saturday all day. Keeping Sunday as a sorting and purging day.

Now you can all breathe a sigh of relief, you are not getting rid of me that easily.
Also I am purging the cave, totally and utterly, so I will be getting rid of stuff on Trade Me but I will put it in an album on facebook first…. In case there is something you fancy.

Now if you need a housesitter, or know of someone who needs one, please let me know. Happy with dogs, cats, fish, chickens (well chickens not so much – they tend to escape from camp). I will pamper your pup, stroke your cat, feed the fish and generally keep the energies of your house flowing.

So there it is. The Druid is about to be unfettered. A wee bit scary but something that just needs to be done. My daughter is so supportive and she will give me a bed, bread and cheese if I don’t have a housesit; plus other friends have offered the same.

I did this when I was 17, now I am doing it at 61. I have a dream, I have a dream of a ‘tiny house’ on a piece of land near the beach, with a glass and ceramic studio area, whizz bang computer corner, and a big dog, and a fluffy cat…. So a year of saving up. It will be interesting to see what can be achieved in a year. And of course so many adventures to have.

From September 7th I will be out of Auckland for six weeks, and will let you know when I come back into Auckland (which I will every couple of weeks), and in that time I am going to finish writing my book – the Red Leather Chaise one. So that is exciting as well. Plus sorting out all my other writings. I have never given myself time to do that. But…. Don’t panic…. In that six weeks I will also be sorting out my online world; and…. Doing email, facebook and skype readings. Have ipad, will travel (actually I am taking my big PC with me ).

Right, well there you go. Email or Facebook me if you want a face to face appointment, or text – that way I can keep track of stuff more easily.
Love you all

Squeak…..!! what am I doing?