Monday Muse 31st August 2015

A waffling Monday Muse which truly reflects how I feel at the moment –
Good morning friends, clients, family and those who have not yet made up their minds and are afraid to…
I think I would be afraid of a label as well. Perhaps there just needs to be a generic word for people in this network – like a Murder of Crows… it would be a ‘Wyrd of Eclectic Travelling Souls’ (WETS for short). Yes my mind is in the realms of fantasy, whimsy and downright odd stuff. I am going to blame the chemo for all that it was a year ago, I think I can blame my brain farts on chemo for at least another year.
What a week – I do not want to be America’s Next Top Model, I always did, and I dreamed of it for many years, and even saw an opportunity when these older women have been coming out and modelling and looking amazing. But no thank you. I had a blast last week, I truly did and I must say that photographers and interviewers, make up artists have the toughest job in the world if they have to deal with people like me. My daughter was beautifully behaved, graceful and gorgeous – although we did laugh a lot. ‘Hold her hand’ said the photographer, ummm Elaine and I don’t kind of do that, we stared more into each other’s eyes, hugged and held hands more than we have in a lifetime – that sounds odd, but we are not quite a touchy feely duo – that is not to say we are not affectionate, in fact quite the opposite. Still five hours of smile, stick your neck out, lift your chin, open your eyes was fun, but not something I could fly for 10 hours, jump out in front of the NY State Building and look amazing for a six hour photo short and SMIZE!
The results will be in one of the October issues of NZ Womens Weekly. Thank you fabulous ladies for making Elaine and I feel and look gorgeous, and for listening to our points of view and allowing us to share our story. We hope that it helps other daughters and mothers on their journey.
So what else? It was a madness week. Full Moon – well yes least said the better.
However, Full Moon leads into the new week and the fact that by next Full Moon (27th September) I will not be in my Mt Eden Cave anymore. It has dawned on me today that I seriously need to pack and purge; I have done some of it.
I want to say something riveting and important today, but I just cannot find it in my mind, there was a lovely muse about manners, and then I thought about dreams, and that went on to a muse that I wrote entirely in my head about perception of where and how people live… and I have forgotten every word of it.. because I fell asleep.
You can tell what kind of week it is going to be already. So I might just quit whilst I am ahead and not make myself look any more dozy than I have already.
Housekeeping – as from Friday I will not have eftpos. Do not despair, you do not have to go get cash, I am happy to internet bank and we have Paypal (credit card) online. The whole point of my year of house sitting is to save enough cash to build my ‘tiny house’ which already has a plan that includes blue corrugated iron, heavy oak beams (probably fake), glass bricks and a Tardis Door. I spoke to a divine client of mine who works in this industry, and it seems there are all sorts of apps, and alternatives to dragging around an Eftpos machine, and the technology is changing every day.
I am free for readings this week except Wednesday. But beware – the cave looks like a bomb has hit it… but then again it usually does.
Does anyone feel like catching up and doing something exciting like coffee, dinner, cake, desert somewhere in the universe to celebrate the next phase of my and Wyrdsister’s adventure? And to shoot the breeze, I would love an evening where you each bring your favourite conspiracy theory! Maybe next week some time?
What a night that would be! Somewhere with chocolate cake preferably…
Other than that – Wyrdsisters stays the same online, and I have a new iphone, and the ipad so Skype is still an option, and so are personal readings, just in different places.
My schedule so far is: Early October I will be in Grafton for two weeks; then I go over to The North Shore for 10 days, then early November I am in St Heliers; and over Christmas will be on the North Shore again.
I think that is enough. I am wandering off in my mind again, and thinking about a Tree of Life Necklace because I found 30 tree of life charms I did not know I had…. Ohhhh I can imagine what is coming…