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Moon Mission Saturday 24th September

Posted by jackiepope on September 24, 2016



Moon Mission Transmission for Saturday

This is from the Phelan Deck – and it is the message of ‘SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS’

Share what you are thinking. Not the nasty stuff, or the bitchy stuff, or the boring ‘did you watch Auckland Housewives’ stuff – but share a significant thought today.

Share a political thought – what you do you think about child poverty in New Zealand? The Housing situation? Share a spiritual thought – something that is important to you, something that shows people who you are at your heart and soul.

A simple thought can go a long way. When you express a thought you find that others think the same, and then there are connections, and networks that you never dreamed of. Or you find that others do not think the same, and they show you a different perspective, and maybe even change your mind…

Share a thought – post it here…

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