Monday Muse 5th December 2016

MONDAY MUSE * choke, shock, horror…

Yes, a Monday Muse and you might even get Tuesday Tarot tomorrow!!! What is the world coming to? It seems I have got my shit together finally; although I don’t really think I ever truly have my shit together.

There are those wonderful days when I think I have – you know those days when you look around and you have done everything on your list; the kids are sorted, partner is sorted; you can sit down for a glass of wine with a trash movie; you don’t have to share your chocolate, and all in the house is quiet.

And then it happens…. that tiny whisp of guilt. Just as you raise the glass to your lips you spy some washing to be folded… damn! Part of you wants to fold it, so you can be guilt free; the other part of you says… it can wait.

Then you dip into the chocolate box; and there is a plaintive call from the bedroom… mummmmmeeeeee! You think to yourself that a good mother would dance up the stairs, sit on the bed and sort out whatever ails your child… but then you are not a good mother; well at least I wasn’t – instead you yell up the stairs ‘unless you are bleeding, dead or dying don’t interrupt me’.

The world goes silent. You settle back to a juicy scene, rewind for a couple of seconds… yes there it is; and there is a massive roar from the garden shed. Now a good partner would jump up and run down the garden to attend to her partner.

But then you are not a good partner; and you figure that you will give it five minutes and if he is really hurt you can intercept him crawling up the garden path; or discover him face down in the shed.

You can hear some movement in the shed, he is alive, this is a good thing; now back to the wine and movie.

The dog decides it wants to play, and sits there with that pathetic ‘Im so cute, how can you resist me?’ ooops sorry that is the husband!

The cat knows what you need, and curls up on your knee and purrs – the cat can stay, until it digs it’s claws into your leg, and then it is unceremoniously shoved off the couch.

We can never as women, actually have totally ‘me time’. Because there is always someone or something that commands your attention.

I could say something revolutionary like… take time for yourselves ladies; sit down and be counted. Your partners, children are perfectly capable and independent (really?); and the dog can wait to play. I could say something cool, inspirational and motivational like.. ‘Take that time woman! Take what is yours!’

But I won’t say anything. Because we all know that it is never going to happen. The only true ‘me time’ is in a toilet, in a motel room, whilst traveling on your own and the mobile is in the bedroom.

Or in the toilet cubicle of Dressmart, or a mall – you know the end cubicle – it is usually the cleanest.

I have come to recognize in life, there is no such thing as ‘me time’; the best you can hope for is ‘me moments’, and ten minutes playing candy crush in the toilets at Sylvia Park – yes that end cubicle… it’s me.


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