The WyrdSisters


Standard Readings

Posted by jackiepope on November 19, 2018


**$20.00**  One Question: via email/messenger/text only (not video); 4 card spread.

Video Call **$50.00**

30 minutes via Messenger


Birch Tree Reading **$95.00**

12 Card General Reading + 3 questions (4 cards each); 6 card six month summary


Willow Tree Reading **50.00**

3 questions – 4 cards per question


Vine Reading **$50.00**

12 Card general reading + 6 card six month summary


Reed Reading **$50.00

6 month reading – 4 cards + affirmation for each month


Where Am I? What do I need to do? **$30.00**

7 card spread about what you want to know.


Make it Happen **200.00**

8 weeks: video session to discuss goals; Workbook with 4 card spread; affirmation card; ritual for each week + Video catch up each week. This is to achieve a particular goal or dream; or to develop spiritually/personally – whatever you want to do.

When you have completed payment PM on Facebook Messenger or Email and we can organize times, questions etc.