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Posted by jackiepope on November 19, 2018

Winter 7 x 7 x 7 Reading – **$55.00**
21 card reading….
Love * Abundance * Spiritual

This is a reading I have been working on for a while; and I have finally got it exactly how it should be. Gives you insight into all three parts of your life – over the winter months.

One question answered with three cards: **$20.00**

7 card general reading: **$30.00**

Three Questions answered **$50.00**

Three Months Reading: **$50.00**

FULL READING: **$101.00**
Includes: 7 card general; three questions; three month forecast.

4 Week detailed spread: **$60.00**

7 Cards for each week; plus affirmations, moon phases

When you have completed payment PM on Facebook Messenger or Email and we can organize delivery times, questions etc.

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