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The WyrdSisters



Posted by jackiepope on August 7, 2019


As you know I am revamping Wyrdsisters, and making tarot more accessible by using Messenger, which makes for a faster turnaround. The idea being that you get these messenger readings within 24 hours or sooner.

Wyrdsisters has always changed with times; I’m excited! Come on the Messenger adventure with me.

❤️Love Story
5 cards about love (love & relationship)

🧡Show Me the money
5 cards about money (finances, job, career)

💛Fast & Furious
5 card kick up the arse (inspiration)

💚5 Shades of Me
5 cards all about me (all about you)

💙Mission Impossible
5 cards about how I can achieve a particular goal (steps to take)

💜Questions & Answers
5 cards about any question you have