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Posted by jackiepope on November 25, 2019

When you have chosen and paid for your reading please email me/message me with relevant information i.e. the question you want to ask/messenger name etc. My details are on the front page of the site.

Internet banking options: Kiwibank; J Pope; 38 9015 0251225 00

One Question answered using 5 cards delivered via text; messenger or email. **25.00**

Your question:

Four week reading of 4 cards + affirmation card per week for 4 weeks. delivered first full moon after purchase. **45.00**

Card a day with one card delivered via messenger or text each week day for 4 weeks. **45.00**

Four week reading + Card a day for 28 days **90.00**

Four week reading each month + Card a day for 12 months **850.00**

Three month reading with 3 cards + affirmation card for each month **$55.00**

Six month reading with 3 cards + affirmation card + lucky numbers + crystal for each month. **95.00**

7 x 7 x 7 x 7 Tarot Spread – 28 cards – comprehensive look at any area of your life – love, money, etc; a particular problem; or as a general reading.

7 cards – where are you at now
7 cards – what will likely happen in future
7 cards – what do I need to know
7 cards – Summary


***Full Moon Dates for 2020 Four week Reading Delivery**

January 10th; February 9th; March 9th; April 7th; May 7th; June 5th; July 4th; August 3rd; September 1st; October 1st; October 31st (Blue Moon); November 30th; December 29th.