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Monday Muse 30th November 2015

Posted by jackiepope on November 30, 2015
Good morning girls, boys and those yet to make up their minds…
I have not Monday Mused for a while. Simply because well I am doing Tuesday Tarot, and I did not want you all to get sick of me popping up on your feeds with all my thoughts and opinions.
Today feels a wee bit different, I just told my daughter that this morning I do not feel like a chemo’d out old bag lady. I have on a dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, a DRESS; and I blow dried my hair into a perfect pink and grey bob (thank you Angie Maharaj). I have on make up – which I always do. Even the worst C day I had to put on lipstick.
Today is a day I will write about in my journal, for a number of reasons, with exciting business things happening, friendships, family coming from overseas for Christmas, dogs and cats to look after. It really does not get better than this.
I look back and think of other fabulous days, and at the same time thinking about a post Philby Cuthers put up – about everyone being on their phones, taking selfies and missing the wider view, the wider picture. That camera lens is very narrow. I think back to before Mobile, and yes it is a fabulous tool, but it has stolen our soul. People laugh when I don’t like my picture taken – I tell them that each picture steals a piece of my soul – an North American Indian belief. But it is true, the mobile phone is stealing the soul out of your experiences. It captures a few words, a narrow image (Yes I know you have panning… but still come on!), and we all sit around phone in hand… looking at the latest selfie, or another motivational saying (I think I shall puke if I see any more of those), and you realise that nobody is talking to each other, no conversation, no laughter – except the isolated giggle at the screen in front of you, and then sharing it with everyone around the table… so they all look at their phones and giggle.
A Wyrdsister Challenge. Put the Bloody thing down! It is not a tracking device so you know where your friends and foe are at. Mind you it is handy if you don’t want to run into someone and you know they are the other side of town – sigh of relief.
It is not a substitute for conversation.
It is not a substitute for flirting, nor is a text relationship a real one! Truly if he or she cannot get off their ass and organise a date… yes a real date – dinner, wine, all the trimmings then it is not a romance!
It is not a babysitter – the television is being done out of its job. In my day we were warned about leaving your baby in front of the TV to watch Magic Roundabout… it was pure evil (very funny though and Elaine Towers liked Bongle or whatever his name was). And I agree, on long trips, or going out visiting somewhere the child doesn’t want to be, but has to go – it is a godsend to load a game or a movie. But every day? Every minute? And yes it is wonderful to keep tabs on them, to call them if you are late, them call you if they are late. Otherwise it should be in their pocket.
A mobile phone is a tool; a very pretty one, and I like dressing mine up both with covers and on the screen, I am the most techno addict there is. I have even crocheted over my usb charging wire to protect it.. and so I know it is mine. It is not a substitute… for a kiss, for a smile, to actually eat that dish WITH your friend. To share the view, and to play a game that is interaction with others.
Yes it has all been said before, so you can ignore it all. Because this little piece of writing will not change the world, and I know it. But it is good to vent. Now… in saying all of that… before phones recorded every moment I am sure we all have amazing days that we remember so clearly… one of my favourite memories is being out on a yacht with Elaine, in the Pacific and playing Dungeons and Dragons with paper, pen, books and dice! Yes old school. Eating tuna salad sandwiches (American style) and laughing at the dolphins. Elaine was not so amused at Dungeons and Dragons, but the dolphins stayed around for hours, so she was happy.
Now that is a memory that I will never forget. What is a memory you will never forget?
I have my food shopping list for Long Bay. I do not want to go shopping for two weeks, so there will be many packets of scotch fingers, Coke zero, potato chips and dip. Lots of cheese and other divine things. Plus my dear friends have a HUGE tv, and unlimited broadband I shall be in Dr Who heaven.
I will also be doing lots of work on new layouts and readings, now that I feel fabulous a whole year on from chemo, I feel as if life is really just starting. I can’t say – ‘this time last year’ any more. Because this is the last week I can say that. And that in itself is a miracle. So keep me busy please, I am working right through summer – and exploring more colourful email readings and recorded facebook readings – you know on messenger – speaking the interpretation. We will see.
Love you all. And this time last year I had amazing people around me, and I am so fortunate because I still have amazing people around me. Enough waffle from me….
Be good to each other

Tuesday Tarot – 11th November 2015

Posted by jackiepope on November 10, 2015

Good morning


Here is Tuesday Tarot Video for today; enjoy!